G.I. Joe Collectors Club Facebook page teases FSS 2.0!

We only heard about the character line up for the second run of the Figure Subscription Service at JoeCon a couple of weeks ago, and now, courtesy of their Facebook page, the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club has teased out the line up with an image of sillouettes!

If I wasn’t already geeked out about the next FSS, I certainly am now, and the fact that they say they’re “Coming Soon” is even better.  Check out the image below, and also my assumption about how each sillouette matches up with the character revealed:

As for the shaded characters above, left to right:

First Row: Dragonsky, Bombadier, Night Force Lt. Falcon, Tiger Force Shipwreck, Skullbuster, and Tiger Force Airtight

Second Row: Tollbooth, Cesspool, Widescope, Big Bear, Desert Scorpion, Keel Haul (with a “Flag”…  nice touch, GIJCC!)

Even in shadow, a lot of these parts look to be pretty modern…  really looking forward to see something in more detail.  Keep your eyes peeled on GIJoeClub.com or the Facebook page for more details.

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