G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club Figure Subscription Service Round 5 is arriving!

No spoilers here, but reports are coming throughout the web that Figure Subscription Service round 5 is now hitting mailboxes!  This is the second to last shipment, which means we are on the verge of discovering who that mysterious 13th figure is going to be.  Can’t wait!  I know some folks get annoyed at the whole surprise angle, but I’m really loving it, and I’m looking forward to the revelation.

For those who are interested in spoiling themselves, this thread on YoJoe.com has the characters, and HissTank.com has some images.

9 thoughts on “G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club Figure Subscription Service Round 5 is arriving!

  1. She could do a crossover with Metal Gear. Team up with Naked Snake. Worse codename then Skidmark?

  2. I’m new to collecting…How exactly does the subscription figure service work? I understand that you must become a member of the Collector’s Club…but are these figures available to members at no additional charge or do you have to buy the figures separately? I went to the Collector’s Club site and was a little confused…

  3. Welcome to the hobby my friend! There was a registration period for the FSS last year, during which Club members could register to receive the 12 figs + the bonus 13th over a 6 month period (a la subscription style). You were allowed to pay all up front, or in installments. The figures began shipping in December. It’s too late to buy this subscription, however there is a second run known as the FSS 2.0 which registration will begin soon. First you’ll need to join the Club, and then keep watching for the signup to begin. I would advise “liking” them on Facebook and keep checking back here for updates. It’s really pretty easy, and you can always call or email the club and they’ll answer any questions you have.

    You can pick up a few of the figures from the first subscription service in the Club store, and they are also available on ebay as well. i have an extra set that I might be interested in selling also, let me know if you’re interested. Hope that helps!

  4. How much do the figures usually cost? And thanks for the info, I’m definitely going to join!

  5. One other point: for joining the Club, you get an Iceberg figure (… that we’ve already had many debates about its quality…) for the cost of the membership.

    I think they worked out to about $25 / figure last year for US customers; I didn’t even bother trying to figure out what they were to ship up here (especially since I’d be paying to ship carded figures that I’d immediately open). It’s certainly not cheap, but these are limited-run figures. Me, I’d just rather put the money into Ebay hunts, but to each their own.

    Although the Club sold out of last year’s run, places like BBTS bought up a ton of subscriptions and are offering the figures individually if you want. They’ve sold out of the more popular ones, but, if for some reason you’re a Sure Fire fan, you can get him for a fairly reasonable $25.

    I’d hold off on that, though – my guess is that BBTS is going to wind up clearancing out Sure Fire, Barrel Roll, TNT and Grunt. Heck, Jinx is still in stock, which surprises me (unless everyone who really wanted her just bought the SDCC version)

  6. I think they’re between $30-50 on the 2nd market. $25 would be a good deal if you could get it.

  7. I have not heard is the 2nd afss going to have a mystery 13th figure?

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