The Baroness to be reformatted for G.I. Joe 3?

Take this with a grain of salt, as Rhett Reese  and Paul Wernick have not even been officially announced as the writers for the third G.I. Joe film, but according to IGN (who spoke to them directly) they are already filtering through ideas for G.I. Joe 3, and high on the list is bringing back The Baroness.

Personally, I can see why they’d want to revisit The Baroness, and hopefully re-orient her backstory a little bit… but it’s time for a little confession here.

I’m sick and damned tired of The Baroness.

Everywhere you look it’s The Baroness.  Everyone cos-plays as her, and she seems to be every comic writers favorite.  She’s littered throughout both the G.I. Joe main title and the G.I. Joe Special Missions title from IDW, and honestly, I thought the lack of Baroness in G.I. Joe 2 was refreshing.  Even though I loved G.I. Joe: Renegades, there’s no doubt that she’s now nearing Snake Eyes levels of overkill to me.  For whatever reason she’s become this huge focal character for the entire G.I. Joe mythology on the Cobra side, and I’m ready to shift focus to someone else.

Like… I don’t know… Destro maybe?

Regardless, it’s cool to hear that there are some plans in place for the third G.I. Joe movie, and according to IGN Dwayne Johnson has indicated he’s fully on board as well.  Looking forward to the lead up once again!

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36 thoughts on “The Baroness to be reformatted for G.I. Joe 3?

  1. I think the best thing to do would be to just bring in a new person to take on the Baroness persona and try to ignore the previous one as best they can. I can understand how you feel about the overuse of Baroness but she is an important character to the mythos. I think as long as they don’t put too much focus on her like they did the first movie, it shouldn’t be a problem.

  2. Easy fix: In the first movie, they never named her as “The Baroness” she was just a cobra person who was married to a Baron (de Cobray). Storm Shadow killed him, and is presumably now on the joe team in the next movie… So the rich guy scientist De Cobray from the first film has a SISTER who joins up with Cobra as (presumably to help with funding?) to get back at SS.

    BAM! The Baroness.

  3. Everyone cos-plays her because she’s freakin’ hot – black leather, tits and ass, red Cobra logo and lipstick, the glasses that give her the naughty/librarian look, what’s not to like? I’m not complaining, line em up around the corner, I wanna see as many hot chicks dressed up as the Baroness as possible. She can play with my MASS device any old time she wants. More Baroness please Hasbro!

  4. I’m with you Justin.

    I have no problem with the Baroness being reintroduced at some point down the line, but I’d rather see them focus on Cobra Commander the next time around.

    Maybe as a stinger after the credits, we see Destro and the Baroness sunning themselves on the deck of a black, red and gold aircraft carrier, surrounded by Iron Grenadiers.

  5. I liked Benjamim idea. But I think it doesn’t matter if Duke’s fiancé was called The Baroness. I think it would be nice if this new Baroness resents Duke’s fiancée for having this nickname and wanted to kill her. Like “This world is too little to have two Baronesses’. The new Baroness kills the old one and bam! Another mistake of the first movie is fixed.

  6. I won’t mind seeing Baroness again. I’d prefer the next movie be centered on Destro and his payback but gun to the head, I just want to see more toys and a third movie.

    I’ve had some problems with ROC like everyone else but I got over it. And now, I have no idea how many times I’ve rewatched it and I’m sure I’m gonna do the same when Retaliation gets on video.

    Third G.I.JOE movie with whoever? Bring it.

  7. Well said, sir. Baroness is fine everywhere else, but like Duke coming back to life in a 3rd film, Baroness can stay wherever she went at the end of RoC; bring on Zarana and her specially coated dental floss (who better to counter Lady Jaye?).

  8. I’m pretty sure anyone who reads this site knows your anti-Cobra bias. Baroness is one of the best characters in the G.I. Joe mythos and I hope they bring her and Destro back.

  9. anti-Cobra bias? Destro, Cobra Commander, and Zartan are some of my favorite characters in the history of Real American Hero. I love Cobra. Where is that coming from?

  10. I’m with you, Justin. I find her limited as a character. She’s basically Just an Accent.

  11. It’s probably just because she wears skin-tight leather and a fan-boy favorite that there’s so much focus on the Baroness. But character-wise, it’s the double agent angle that made her interesting in the Marvel comics. Was she loyal to Cobra or Destro (or Bludd?!)? But it’s still not intriguing enough to elevate her beyond a background character.

  12. Damn I thought the EXACT same thing when I originally read that article. Baroness was cool and all back in the day but I couldn’t care less if she fell of the face of the earth.

  13. I think she is just one of the more memorable characters for even casual fans from years back, the writers can’t help but include her. And yes, years later, the “pin-up” aspect of the character makes people want to use her as well. I can see how you might feel she’s been featured too much. I think she could return, but you’d have to make her actually decide to be straight-out bad this time. Maybe she’s been rotting in prison all this time, got no help from the Joes or Duke in releasing her, and now is out for revenge.

    But I would say its more important to bring back a newly-cast Destro. I think Christopher Eccleston is a good actor, but he was either completely wrong for Destro or just too badly written. He did not have the intimidating presence Destro should have, and his accent was a bit thick. And since we may not be able to see Zartan and Firefly again (Zartan’s arguable) it may be time to bring in Major Bludd.

    Oh, and I wouldn’t mind seeing Scarlett return, but a version more like her more classic portrayal.

  14. I wouldn’t want them to toss out the first movie’s origin simply because it differs from the original so much. I didn’t like ROC but it happened. Can’t just ignore it and introduce a completely different Baroness.

    Just recast the character. The costume’s more important than Sienna Miller anyway. Have her rejoin Cobra on her own volition because she holds Roadblock responsible for Duke’s death. Plant the seed for her undermining her brother and tease Destro’s return for 4.

  15. I think we all know by this point that whatever Justin may have to say now, come opening day for G.I. Joe 3, he’s going to be posting something to the effect of “at first I was skeptical of the filmmakers’ ability to make me re-engage with the Baroness as a character, but as the story played out (insert name here)’s portrayal really grew on me”.

  16. I’d have to rewatch to confirm that, but the credits, the toys the marketing etc. clearly point to her being baroness, i think it will still be hard for many to just forget that.

  17. Count me in with the Zarana crowd. Despite attempting to ignore it bringing her back will bring up more questions about the first movie. I enjoyed retaliation immensely but one of it’s weak points was that the writing unnecessarily created holes when in connection to the first movie. It would have been wiser not to show Destro, it wouldn’t make much sense to keep those two in the same room anyways, then they wouldn’t have to worry about is he dead or not when they want to use him again, now they have to get past a new hurdle where he should have died in the second movie! Or talking about the Nanomite wars, instead of referencing the Nanomite incident and say maybe the resulting breakdown of international cooperation with G.I.Joe. Those are just a two examples of how instead of covering a plot hole or making a smooth transition, the writers made a jarring decision that i felt detracted from the movie, I think Baroness coming back would result in the same,it would feel bizarre not to mention her connection with Duke and the events of the first movie, but it would be inconceivable to not show the connection to Cobra Commander, who is her BROTHER, but pointing that out, may beg the question, why didn’t he rescue her when he rose to power? Or have Zartan pardon her? I think it’s best to leave her alone, I’d take Zarana or even Munitia or Asp in her place.

  18. Bring back Christopher Eccelson(I know I spelled that wrong) as Destro, and give him a new Baroness with an accent.

  19. If Destro was recast, would you think it should stay as the same James McCullen as seen in RoC, or should a NEW McCullen be introduced?

  20. No, I’d make it the same guy. I don’t mind some re-casting. Telling viewers he’s Destro, but ANOTHER Destro would just add confusion. And even if his character is written a little differently, he could be more ruthless in the wake of being betrayed, locked up, etc.

  21. So, assuming they use the same character with a different actress assuming the role, how would you go about bringing her back? Here’s how I would do it:
    At the end of ROC, we saw that Ana was completely free of Rex’s mind control, in love with Duke again and was being treated at a government facility. What we didn’t see was that the President (Zartan) continued to classify her as an enemy combatant in order to keep her from revealing his identity. Eventually, she was shipped off to a black site – the newly seized Castle Destro – and thrown into the dungeon and basically forgotten. Duke and anyone else not in the know is told that she died during treatment for the nanomites.
    The third film would focus on Cobra Commander, Major Bludd and Dr. Mindbender (he’s still out there, after all), however we hear mention that Destro was not among the confirmed dead at the prison, though it assumed that he was simply incinerated in the blast. There’s also chatter of something else going on at the black site in Scotland, and the names Darklon, Scrap-Iron and Voltar come up elsewhere in the film. What actually has happened, but is not directly stated, is that Destro has hooked up with his former competitor Darklon, formed the Iron Grenadiers, and freed the Baroness as an ally in his vendetta against the Commander. This leads to a fourth film where Destro and the Baroness are a secondary threat that are also fighting Cobra.

  22. I too am sick of the Baroness character. I don’t want the part recast or rewritten, I want her left out of the movie entirely.

  23. Cobra has unlike GI Joe not many female members all they have are Crimson Asp, Zarana, Vypra, Mistress Armada and Zanya. And those are the major players.

  24. I can do without the Baroness. What I can’t do without is Destro. Full metal-faced Destro! I’d really like him to be involved in the rebirth of the Joe team in the third movie, where they are trying to get the upper hand again, and need his weapons. Have him more traditionally pictured, having survived the prison blast. Introduce the Iron Grenadiers as those who were never under Cobra Commander’s sway in the first movie (because they were almost ALL under his sway…The Doctor persona was simply a ruse to get Destro to provide the nanomite tech money – Rex was Cobra Commander the WHOLE time, as evidenced by his loyal Cobra’s welcoming him “back” in Retaliation.) Show Destro as a third faction, one entirely on his own side, who forms a very uneasy alliance with the Joes to exact revengeance on Cobra Commander. That’s the movie I want to see, with Major Blood playing ALL sides. (The fact that Ray Stevenson wasn’t playing Major Bludd instead of Firefly is the biggest snafu of the second film, IMO.)

  25. I think it would be pretty easy to bring “a” baroness back. Destro’s a powerful dude that has a thing for hot European women. Preferably rich ones with aristocratic connections. (He’s a snob.) One betrays him? Well, then he goes out gets a new one (and dresses her up in leather for good measure cuz that’s how he rolls) and boom: “You, my dear, are my new Baroness.” The other one would be yesterday’s newspapers. Problem solved. Just bring back Destro first!

    Unfortunately, bringing back Scarlet wouldn’t be so easy. The “mayeb ‘Scarlet’ is a rank” idea don’t fly with me.

  26. Besides, if he were to wear an actual mask instead of having his head painted silver, you wouldn’t have to really worry about who plays him like they did with Cobra Commander in Retaliation.

  27. They left it open in Retaliation that characters like her could have survived. Hopefully they use that. I actually wouldn’t mind having a rotating cast of characters per film with maybe one repeat character. Retaliation had Duke. The third film can have Roadblock. Maybe bring in one of the characters from RoC in the third too, like Scarlett or Breaker even if just as a small cameo. Then have other characters brought in like Stalker or Shipwreck or Wild Bill or Ace, etc. Maybe even bring in one of the newer characters from the newsculpt era like Agent Faces or Barrel Roll.

  28. I like what you got here.

    Do you think it is possible that Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Cobra Commander was a used car dealer before he was in the military with Duke?

  29. When I read the article title, I immediately pictured Transmetal Baroness.

    I think that with real-world history demonstrating that world powers often have body doubles, it stands to reason that Anna Lewis may have been the double all along. To me, that isn’t much of a stretch and opens doors pretty wide for a new Baroness is GIJoe 3.

  30. I wish they’d bring back Scarlett. She’s an important character and the actress was hot.

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