The Baroness to be reformatted for G.I. Joe 3?

Take this with a grain of salt, as Rhett Reese  and Paul Wernick have not even been officially announced as the writers for the third G.I. Joe film, but according to IGN (who spoke to them directly) they are already filtering through ideas for G.I. Joe 3, and high on the list is bringing back The Baroness.

Personally, I can see why they’d want to revisit The Baroness, and hopefully re-orient her backstory a little bit… but it’s time for a little confession here.

I’m sick and damned tired of The Baroness.

Everywhere you look it’s The Baroness.  Everyone cos-plays as her, and she seems to be every comic writers favorite.  She’s littered throughout both the G.I. Joe main title and the G.I. Joe Special Missions title from IDW, and honestly, I thought the lack of Baroness in G.I. Joe 2 was refreshing.  Even though I loved G.I. Joe: Renegades, there’s no doubt that she’s now nearing Snake Eyes levels of overkill to me.  For whatever reason she’s become this huge focal character for the entire G.I. Joe mythology on the Cobra side, and I’m ready to shift focus to someone else.

Like… I don’t know… Destro maybe?

Regardless, it’s cool to hear that there are some plans in place for the third G.I. Joe movie, and according to IGN Dwayne Johnson has indicated he’s fully on board as well.  Looking forward to the lead up once again!

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It’s an interesting look into Duke’s background, though some questions remain.

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Whats on Joe Mind Episode 78 G.I. Joe Con recap and review!

The 2013 G.I. Joe Convention is now behind us, and What’s on Joe Mind is prepared to move forward into the bright future of the G.I. Joe brand.  In this episode we tackle G.I. Joe Convention news and notes, talking about the concept case, take reader mail, and get generally pissy about various things.

But hey, if we weren’t a little pissy, you guys would wonder what was wrong with us!  In all honesty, it’s a great, very up front episode with a LOT of straight-up G.I. Joe talk.  Nothing fancy.  Check out the latest episode on our Podbean page, or through the embedded players below.  Show notes are after the jump.



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