Concept Case Survey from the 2013 G.I. Joe Convention

Granted this one is a lot more low key than the infamous Concept Case survey that  GeneralsJoes helped lead last year, but with some more new concept figures being shown in Indianapolis last weekend, it seemed like a good idea to kick another one of these off.

There were only a handful of new figures shown, and those figures will be the focus of this round of surveys.  However, depending on the results of this one, expect another round at some point to take the winners of the 2012 survey and the winners of this survey for a more all encompassing look at every concept figure shown thus far.

You can hit up the Survey at the SurveyMonkey page itself, or embedded below.  This one should be a quickie.

14 thoughts on “Concept Case Survey from the 2013 G.I. Joe Convention

  1. Hey! Thanks for your efforts and all around journalism / Joernalism!
    Have you had any feedback from Hasbro on your first concept case survey from last year?

  2. You’re very welcome! John Warden and Derryl DePriest were kind enough to name drop GeneralsJoes during the Hasbro panel at JoeCon this year saying all of that data had been collected and utilized… they couldn’t elaborate in what direction as of yet, but they assured us that they are paying attention.

  3. Storm Shadow. Storm Shadow. And of course Storm Shadow.

    Why do I feel like I’m forgetting something?

    Oh yeah! Storm Shadow!!!

  4. Normally I’d vote Destro or Storm Shadow, but Gung Ho & Rock’n’roll… they just blew me away with their awesomeness – and neither have even slightly definitive modern Joe figures yet.

  5. I would like Rock n Roll more if he had some sort of gear on him. From what I understand, the head is oversized to account for material shrinkage and whatnot, so that’s less of an issue to me now as it was to start, but he just looks so unfinished. Give him a vest or something and some cool gear and he’d be a great update. Destro I just don’t really care for. I don’t particularly like that look much for him, as iconic as it is, and the head just looks too cartoony to me. I had no big complaints with the mold used for the 25th Destro either so this is just un-needed to me.

  6. How about None of the Above.

    They look great, but I am so tired of seeing slavish repros of 30 year old designs for the 19th time. This is getting beyond embarrassing, for both Hasbro, and those fans who clamor for this over and and over again. PoC was a far superior direction.

  7. bring us leatherneck this should have been done long time ago instead of that mission brazil version that you can’t even keep the backpack on him.

  8. All of these sculpts are awesome, and I would appreciate the chance to get any one of these! Especially Gung-Ho and Destro.

  9. I think that Destro is one chromed head away from perfection. The 25th was good, but had problems with hands, accessories, articulation and head proportion. This version appears to correct all of that. Hence necessary and crucial. Need. That. Figure.

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