What’s On Joe Mind Special Edition #30 – JoeCon Day 3!

Holy crap when did this go up?  Either I wasn’t paying attention the past few days, or I forgot entirely, but apparently Special Edition #30 of What’s on Joe Mind has been posted!  We recorded this episode straight from the JoeCon sales floor, bringing in a few of our favorite people for on-the-spot interviews, and even got cameos by some show regulars!  What the heck was Chuck’s mom even DOING there?!

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So were our trio drunk or not for Special Edition #29…or did they lead you to think that?  Well if you think that is controversial, wait until you hear this report, “LIVE” from the sales floor.  Join Mike, Justin and Gary as they record directly out of the COIL Club’s booth, which is dead center of the sales floor.  The guys will report on what has happened thus far to this point in the show and interview friends and listeners as they stroll by.  You will also recognize two of the personalities we talk to as regular show “contributors”.  Who could they be?  You have to listen and find out.  No beers were consumed during this recording, but if you hate the consumption of donuts, you may want to skip this one.  Enjoy!!

IDW Solicitations for July, 2013 have ominous undertones for ARAH G.I. Joe team

No, I don’t mean the title is going to be canceled or anything like that… I just mean that issue #192 sounds like it could be nasty…  Cobra is trying to gain the upper hand and the “mighty shall fall”.  Sounds menacing.

Some interesting tidbits in the rest of the titles as well, from Cover Girl’s back story to an epic conclusion for the first arc of The Cobra Files.  To see the full list of July solicitations for G.I. Joe product, click the Read the Rest of the Story link below.

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