In spite of lack of product at 2013 JoeCon, bright future for G.I. Joe fans

Okay, hear me out on this one.

I know the rumbling through the online community has been somewhat negative in light of Hasbro’s lack of new product to be shown at the 2013 G.I. Joe Convention in Indianapolis this past weekend.  In fact, not only were people bothered by a lack of new product, when Hasbro showed some more concept items, some fans got visibly upset, thinking that this was just a “tease” for items that would likely not be offered.

Let me once again put on my “Hasbro Apologist” hat and tell everyone…  don’t be so quick to be discouraged.  I think there are some simple explanations for why Hasbro presence was down this year, and I think there are some reasons to be looking forward to the year ahead for G.I. Joe fans.  Click the Read the Rest of the Story link below for more.

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GeneralsJoes Reviews IDW’s The Cobra Files #1

I was hoping to get this review posted yesterday, but just didn’t quite have the time.  New comic day hit Wednesday and with new comic day came the first issue of the next generation of the “Cobra” universe from IDW!  Like The Who says “…meet the new boss… same as the old boss”.

But personally, even if this new iteration is more or less the same, I couldn’t be happier.  Click the Read the Rest of the Review link below for the full review.  BEWARE, SPOILERS for this issue will not be concealed!

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