G.I. Joe: Retaliation trading cards are a nice old school surprise

A short while ago, thanks to skinny, GeneralsJoes broke the news of G.I. Joe: Retaliation trading cards being quietly released through Enterplay.  Even though the prices seemed a bit stiff, I ordered a few, and discovered that the pricing wasn’t nearly as bad as I had feared.

The list price for the Party Pack on the EnterPlay website, actually does mean “6 3-Packs”, which is a count of 18 cards.  I ordered a few and they arrived while I was in Indianapolis.  I cracked them open last night, and was pretty pleasantly surprised.  I’m not a huge trading card collector, but as someone who had his fair share as a kid, opening these packs brought back some very fun old school memories.  Each pack comes with three cards and a sheet of temporary tattoos, and even the tattoos themselves have some neat design aesthetics.

According to EnterPlay there are a total of 48 cards.  These include 39 cards of various scenes and characters throughout the film, and then 9 “character cards” which each have a segment of a movie poster on the back.  I didn’t get a complete collection with my purchase (which ended up being 3 “Party Packs” giving me 54 cards in total) but I was able to score a majority of the cards to complete the collection.  At $5.94 for 18 cards, it wasn’t all that cost-prohibitive either.

For you trading card collectors, or folks just looking to jog some old card collecting memories, I highly recommend picking up some of them from EnterPlay.  You even get some cool shots of obscure characters (like Clutch and Agent Mouse) and some more details behind some scenes that were cut from the final film (like the bar scene).  Check out my gallery of cards below, or if you want to buy some of the cards, hit up Enter-Play.com.

Then, once you get a bunch, let me know if you want to trade!  I need some, but I’m not sure I’m ready to make another $30 purchase.  :)

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  1. Yeah I bought a bunch of these nice to collect cards again for no other reason to just collect. I’m missing only 3 to the set for me and a few others for two more sets for my sons. They love the tattoos and too.

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