Hasbro stuns G.I. Joe Convention attendees with Concept Case reveals

Judging be reactions in the Twittersphere and elsewhere, the Hasbro reveal of additional concept case items yesterday was met with mixed reaction to say the least. Don’t get me wrong, nobody was arguing that the figures weren’t nice, but there seemed to be some heat about whether or not Hasbro should continue to reveal these items considering there were no official releases announced this weekend.

Going by what the Hasbro reps were saying, though, they felt like they deserved to show G.I. Joe fans a little something, even if it wasn’t actual product. What they showed was a mind-blowing assortment of newly sculpted items that appears to be similar to what we saw at the Concept Case last year.

Previous releases were in the case as well, including Flint, Lady Jaye, Beachhead, and others, but what really knocked Joe fan socks off were none other than Gung Ho, Leatherneck, and ’88 Storm Shadow, Rock n Roll, and Destro. The most impressive thing about the figure grouping was that both Destro and Gung Ho were physically larger and far more imposing than the figures next to them. Obviously built off a larger framework, the intricate detail and the astoundingly accurate Destro head sculpt (looking back at the original card art) gave us a really fascinating insight into the mind set of the designers.

This was not a move meant to frustrate the fandom by any means. It was something meant to excite and interest fans, and reassure us that even though no new retail offerings might be in the pipeline, work always continues to innovate and inject the G.I. Joe mythology with something exciting.

It’s important to understand these items are not in any stage of final production, and there is not much likelihood of these figures being released in the immediate future, but I for one am fascinated by these early looks at G.I. Joe product, and will certainly be hanging on every word of Hasbro representatives going forward to see if these figures can expect release in the coming years.

Check out the YoJoe Photo Gallery below, and big thanks to notpicard from YoJoe for being right there with a camera when I could not be and snagging those pics for the YoJoe Gallery.  Also a huge thanks to Fred from JoeBattleLinesand JoeCanuck friend Jon S. for supplying some fantastic images themselves that are mirrored nicely below.

30 thoughts on “Hasbro stuns G.I. Joe Convention attendees with Concept Case reveals

  1. We are WAY over due for a new Gung Ho. This concept figure looks awesome! I’d like to see a new Leatherneck as well, and the one shown doesn’t look bad at all. I also like Lady Jaye.

  2. Hasbro should just stop with these non-reveals. What point is there in showing us perfect new versions of Destro and Gung Ho that they never plan to release?

  3. Lady Jaye is easily one of my favourites from the concept case!

    Also, I recall in your Agent Mouse review, Justin, that you thought his lower arms were a new sculpt. If you look at flints arms, there’s a similarity there. I could be wrong, but it’s similar!

  4. Oh, shoot! That’s the Gung-Ho figure I’ve been wanting since 1983. If the cap’s removable, it’d be even better. Repaint it in OD and desert tan and I’ll buy those too. I’d be down for a few of those Destro and Leatherneck figures too. Get ’em to retail, Hasbro.

  5. These are easy to do too since they use existing parts with a new head and maybe new webgear. Leatherneck is just Battle Kata Roadblock with a new head and vest. Lady Jaye looks to be 5-pack torso and arms with Shock Trooper legs and maybe new webgear. Gung-Ho I’m really not sure about. Those maybe be Wave 1 Roadblock arms but aside from that, I have no idea where the other parts come from.

  6. Has anyone noticed that Flint’s legs are different? I could have sworn that the one we saw last year had the secondary add-ons for the thighs that were used on v54 Snake Eyes, but this one appears to use the ones used on 30th Lifeline. The lower legs don’t have the knife either and may be different altogether.

  7. I just hope these get released sooner or later, Would be very harsh of Hasbro to show us these figs that are so so good and never release them, I don’t mind the waiting but if they are never released then fans are going to get fed up with non release figures that are way better than released figures!!!

  8. I guess that, as cool as the figures are overall, the brand new Gung Ho head looks fantastic. Same with Rock N’ Roll, Lady Jaye and the others. I agree though that Hasbro shouldn’t be showing these figures unless they 100% plan on releasing these in the next year or so.

  9. I agree about the color! That aqua blue-ish hue, while it pays homage to his 1980s release, should be relegated to the past and stay there. I’d love to see this exact figure released wearing olive drab as well.

  10. Rock ‘N Roll’s body appears to be too skinny. The new face sculpt looks great but overall he looks too scrawny.

  11. A lot of these designs are old and out dated, not saying they are not good toys, but do not fit in this era(beside Beachhead, i’d kill for it).

  12. agreed with the point about removable hats, all marines should come with some hard gear as well. Give u a different helm and a closed vest, and you can make us folks that want something more updated, and those that want a more classic look, both happy.

  13. I still don’t understand the hate Hasbro is getting on the figures. The Fandom is really sending missed messages to Hasbro, it’s okay when Joe Declassified does it, but wrong when Hasbro themselves do it? Enjoy the inside look, even in years we do get items, plenty don’t make it out, I’d rather see all i can and appreciate what was designed. It’s even a great opportunity to communicate (in a positive way) our love for those designs and molds to Hasbro. If they never show us what didn’t make it, we could never tell them we would have bought, or what we liked about it to influence future figures.

  14. These only being shown during the WOJM panel hurt, while i am sure it wasn’t intentional, given the energy WOJM generates in the fandom, it felt like a bad move.

  15. Agreed. Paying homage to their 80s look is one thing, but they should be updated to look like today’s military. And since these are aimed at kids, even they’re smart enough to know that these figures look outdated.

  16. Just because it won’t be released doesn’t mean it will *never* be released. Just exercise some patience. I’m pretty sure Hasbro is gauging our responses with these reveals. If we react strongly with a “GIMME THAT GUNG-HO” or “man, I’m glad that Crepe Viper was never released” they’ll act accordingly.

  17. I’d SPRINT to the store for every single one of these… but Gung Ho and Leatherneck are easily my front-runners. Neither Marine has received a truly great figure yet and these are just perfect.

  18. These figures are awesome minus a few things (RnR’s torso, Destro’s massive collar, etc…) here and there! I would buy them in multiples just like I did with most of the other 25th stuff.

  19. I just don’t understand how they can arrive at that conclusion, you don’t mock your customer, and for anyone who has ever had a chance to talk to John Warden he seems like a great guy who is really energetic about the brand. I think he is excited to show you what he wishes he could put on the shelves. They want to make us happy, but we have to remember they have the kids and more importantly retailer perceptions to satisfy as well.

  20. They’ve been doing things like this since the 25th line started. They just never labeled them as concept stuff until last year. There were some custom figures early on that they displayed that I’m pretty sure were eventually produced. This stuff is no different.

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