G.I. Joe Convention 2013 GIJCC Panel Recap

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The G.I. Joe Collectors Club panel happened yesterday, and much was discussed about the creative process with convention and club exclusives, but the most exciting news of the day was the official announcement of the FSS Series 2!

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Along with the Hasbro seminar there was also an action-packed G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club seminar today which talked about the process for designing the Convention and Club exclusives as well as an announcement for the second series of Figure Subscription Service!

The image gallery for the GIJCC Club Panel can be found at the link below:

G.I. Joe Convention 2013 G.I. Joe Collectors Club Panel

Of course the main focus of this panel was the announcement of the 12 figures from the second series of the Figure Subscription Service! Those figures are as follows (not in any particular order):

  1. Skullbuster (Range-Viper Commander)
  2. Dragonsky (Oktober Guard Flamethrower)
  3. Lt. Falcon (Night Force, with different construction than the Wave 14 version)
  4. Big Bear (Oktober Guard Missile Specialist)
  5. Admiral Keel Haul
  6. Tiger Force Airtight (Brazilian Exclusive)
  7. Tiger Force Shipwreck (Brazilian Exclusive)
  8. Bombardier (Palitoy gray Flash repaint)
  9. Cesspool (AWESOME!)
  10. Desert Scorpion
  11. Toll Booth
  12. Widescope (New Sculpt Era)

Images were only shown of Dragonsky and Skullbuster, the rest were simply listed by name. It’s an exciting list pulled from all era’s of G.I. Joe collecting including classic, new sculpt era, foreign exclusives, and some much needed entries from the 25th Anniversary 1985 roster!

Again, check out the images of the slideshow at theĀ G.I. Joe Collectors Club 2013 seminar.

2 thoughts on “G.I. Joe Convention 2013 GIJCC Panel Recap

  1. WOW! There is not one must have in this lineup for me. That is really disappointing!

  2. Liking the OG characters to add to last years Con set and Keel Haul and Toll Booth, not must haves as characters, but it’ll nice to be able to have the complete set of characters from 82-86. Maybe that means the secret 13th figure will be Cross Country. The Tiger Force figures I’m “meh” about, but maybe we’ll get the rest of the Tiger Force characters in a Con set. The rest, much like the first FSS, I’ll probably like more once I see them.

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