Exciting news from GeneralsJoes and YoJoe.com!

As some might have noticed, recent G.I. Joe events, including Toy Fair and this weekend with the G.I. Joe Convention, I have been sharing coverage here on GeneralsJoes and over at YoJoe.  I’ve always had a fantastic collaborative relationship with YoJoe, and it seems obvious that during the 2013 G.I. Joe Convention, we should announce that this collaboration will be growing even further going forward.

Please click the “Read the Rest of the Story” link below for the full statement about this collaboration and what to expect in the coming months.  Hint: They’re all good!

GeneralsJoes and YoJoe Joining Forces 

Over the years, GeneralsJoes has worked hard to fill many shoes.  From a custom, dio-story and fanfiction site, to a review site, to a news aggregator, review, and opinion site, the responsibilities and resources have grown and grown.  I’ve been proud of my ability to adapt to the changes and to continue to bring fresh, new content to G.I. Joe fans around the world no matter what else was going on with G.I. Joe at the time.

But as with anything, a time comes when there are only so many resources one has alone, and partnerships must be considered.  That time has come.

I am extremely proud and excited to announce that GeneralsJoes has joined in a very mutually beneficial partnership with YoJoe.com.  YoJoe has been a mainstay in the G.I. Joe online universe for well past a decade and has served as an introduction and launching pad for thousands of G.I. Joe fans over the past several years.  I would argue without the existence of YoJoe, the G.I. Joe online community would be a considerably different place.

YoJoe has made some very impressive enhancements in recent years to their archive database, and continues the drive to innovate the way G.I. Joe fans can access their collections, trade, sell, track, and do almost anything they want to do with their toys.  I am deeply honored that YoJoe is interested in partnering with GeneralsJoes in this endeavor.

What does it mean for the GeneralsJoes readers?

Only good things.  Work has already begun to migrate the vast number of reviews and articles from GeneralsJoes over to YoJoe’s hefty server backend.  YoJoe’s cutting edge archive database software will be used to host, organize, and manage all review content, so finding the review you’re looking for will be simpler than ever.  Uploading and updating reviews and news will be far easier on me, and the added resources from YoJoe themselves will ensure an even more steady flow of content, articles, news, and reviews.

I’m not going anywhere!  I’ll be serving as YoJoe’s Managing Editor and continuing my furious pace of G.I. Joe news and opinions for as long as they’ll have me, and I promise, you will all benefit from this change.  The amount of migration work will be considerable, and we will endeavor to keep everyone up to date as things move forward.  GeneralsJoes will continue to be easily accessible from the same web domain name, the same content will be available, the layout will be similar…  everything you love about GeneralsJoes remains intact, but with even more resources and technical advancements.

Jim Dolan, the owner of YoJoe.com says that “I’m thrilled that Justin is joining forces with YoJoe…  I’ve admired his unique voice for a long time.”

This is a very exciting time for GeneralsJoes, an exciting time for YoJoe, and definitely an exciting time to be a G.I. Joe fan.  I greatly look forward to our continued relationship going forward!

Yo Joe!

4 thoughts on “Exciting news from GeneralsJoes and YoJoe.com!

  1. I can’t tell you enough how much I love this site. All the work you put in the reviews. I admire your opinion so much that your ratings are pretty much what I base my purchases on. Thanks for all you do and I can’t wait to see the outcome of this joint venture. Thanks again!

  2. What new changes or enhancements can we expect as for as linking the two sites together? One thought I had was that it would be cool to be able to go into their figure/vehicle archive and be able to pull up an entry on a figure/vehicle and have a link that will go to your review of that item. Obviously, not everything will be able to do that, but it would be a cool option to see.

  3. Jim Dolan is the scum of the collecting community. It’s unfortunate that you’ve succumbed to his promises of riches and glory, which are nothing more than an attempt to further line his pockets at the expense of toy collecting enthusiasts.

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