G.I. Joe Convention 2013 – Day One Recap and Report

So the first day of the convention has completely spiraled out of our control and it’s now after 5:00pm before I’m getting anything posted.  How does this happen?!

First and foremost, I do want to let people know that I have been getting pictures of the 2013 Convention Exclusives…just the quick cheesy hotel room shots that I kind of hate doing, but I do it anyway because, HEY I have a compulsion.

You can find those images on the YoJoe.Com JoeCon 2013 Gallery section.

The big news shaking out from the first day of the convention is, of course, the lack of new product being shown in the Hasbro booth.  There have been rumors floating around the sales floor that there may be no new product shown from Hasbro this entire weekend.  How is this possible?

To be honest, I’m not sure.  We’ve got a ton of momentum from the #1 movie in the world, G.I. Joe: Retaliation…we are on the precipice of a huge new influx of movie accurate product starting in early summer, and it would seem to be the perfect jumping off point for Hasbro to thrust G.I. Joe into the spotlight for the holiday season (not to mention an inevitable DVD release).

There is still a good chance that we might see new product in the slideshow presentation tomorrow, there are just no samples ready for display.  It’s also possible that Hasbro will put out new product tomorrow after their presentation, but as I mentioned, the rumors floating around the sales floor are that this is not going to happen.  I prefer to wait until I hear something more official, but I feel it necessary to at least brace the readers for that eventuality.

I will, of course, heartily encourage everyone to follow me on Twitter, as that is where my most fluid, current content gets streamed straight from the seminars.  That will never be more true than it is tomorrow, so if you want to have the latest info as quickly as possible, Twitter is your best bet.  It’s far easier for me to pump information out that way then try to jump on my laptop in between seminars to recap.  That will happen as well, of course, but just as a heads up.  The Hasbro seminar happens at 11:00am Eastern time.

Also please remember that the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club is having their seminar tomorrow, which means some possible information about the Figure Subscription Service, Volume Two!  That is certainly something to get excited for as well, and I’ll be covering that starting at 4:00pm Eastern.