G.I. Joe Convention 2013 “Day Zero” Report

Hey G.I. Joe fans, we are live from Indianapolis covering the 2013 G.I. Joe Collectors Convention. Golden Ticket holders have picked up their convention sets, including the exclusive G.I. Joe Collectors Club Convention comic, which revealed some details about the convention exclusives.

The following was included in the convention comic:

– Night Force Specialist 2-Pack (LE 800)
– Night Force FLAK w/ Steeler (LE 800)
– Carded Lady Jaye (LE 1000)
– Night Boomer (LE 1000)
– KRE-O G.I. Joe Night Force 6 Figure Set (LE 1000)
– KRE-O Parachute Hit & Run (LE 500)

There are also Adventure Team and Night Force tee shirts along with a convention hat and Night Force beanie. The Club also brought 500 packaged Club exclusive Icebergs, and loose editions as well.

So, this weekend, expect to see some up close and personal pictures of the upcoming Iceberg.

There are several theories surrounding the convention exclusives. Some vendors received their Carded Lady Jaye figures already, and it is built with a vintage cardback and looks to be very similar to the concept case version, with a mixture of 25th Anniversary and more modern parts. She does look to be a darker gray, more Night Force version of the character.

Thanks to GeneralsJoes site sponsor Kokomo Toys for the image.

As for the Night Force Specialists 2-Pack, considering who appears in the comic, I think the safest bet right now is Chuckles and Crazylegs. Both characters are in the comic, and both characters seem to be the only Joes in the comic who are not already associated with exclusives.

We will find out more tomorrow!

And don’t think I haven’t noticed that we’re not getting just one… but TWO new Hit & Run items this weekend!  AWWwwwww YEAH.

10 thoughts on “G.I. Joe Convention 2013 “Day Zero” Report

  1. Night Boomer? Can’t wait to see the rest. AND – can’t wait to get my Con set in the mail!

  2. I wonder who is in the specialist 2-pack….who else would they have a decent amount of fitting parts combos to make for something like that?

  3. I think Lt. Falcon is the first safest bet for the 2-Pack, since he is the leader, he is quoted in all file cards, and was supposed to be released as single pack. Chuckles probably is the other, since we saw images of him wearing a grey shirt before.

    It would be awesome to have Lightfoot, but I think it´s a remote possibility.

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