What’s on Joe Mind Episode 76 is Online

In this episode we go back in time with a great interview with former Hasbro marketing exec Kirk Bozigian, but we jump forward in time, too, looking towards G.I. Joe: Retaliation and JoeCon 2013!  This episode was recorded on the eve of G.I. Joe: Retaliation’s big Tuesday sneak preview, so there is obviously some excitement and energy throughout.

Also, we announce some big plans for WOJM andJoeCon 2013!  Check out the latest full episode on our Podbean page, or via the embedded players below.  Show notes are after the jump.



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It’s the eve of the big movie for the 4 hosts, but before we can go see the movie, we got to get this episode out of the way.  Former Hasbro Exec Kirk Bozigian joined us a couple of weeks ago (sans Gary) for a nice little interview.  If you remember him from JoeCons past, and especially last year, you’ll know he’s a tad bit on the controversial side with his opinion.  What does he say this time?  C’mon man, you know the drill, listen and find out!  In the news we talk Roll Out Roll Call in the UK; of course the movie, JoeCon and the FSS; plus Cobra Commander is shot into space, your listener emails AND we announce our big plans for JoeCon in Indianapolis!  Download – listen – now!

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