Some fantastic concept art from G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Now that the movie has been released, some of the previously concealed concept art is starting to emerge, and holy cow is this most recent batch eye-opening and a little heart breaking.  First, we check out Joshua Min and Aaron Sim’s art for some scenery and set pieces, and HOLY CRAP COBRA ISLAND.

In all fairness, I don’t know for sure if that’s Cobra Island, but it certainly looks like it could be, and I’m loving the landing platform raising from the trees.  Some very cool shots here (and thanks to MSGIJoe Collectors Club for the link):

Also, linked us to some equally cool concept art, mostly for characters.  I’m glad this wasn’t used in the film, just because it’s a bit “out there” but they are still exceptionally cool to look at.  Check out those images, also from Aaron Sims, with some additional artwork not scene above:

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