G.I. Joe: Retaliation set to break $100M worldwide opening weekend

Signals have been a little bit crossed throughout the past few days with nobody entirely clear what to expect from G.I. Joe: Retaliation’s box office numbers this opening weekend.

Variety’s most recent claim is that the film will break the $100M mark worldwide over the weekend.  Domestically it has already pulled in around $26M between Thursday and Friday, with most industry speculators assuming it will come close to or break $50M domestically.  While that is slightly behind Rise of Cobra’s $54M take its opening weekend, adding in the worldwide numbers, Retaliation actually comes out about $10M ahead.  Not bad, considering Rise of Cobra was a summer film and Retaliation is a March one.

With a budget of only $130M, you’d think breaking $100M its first weekend would bode well for the franchise, but with all of the marketing dollars, it is far too early to make any determinations.

Possibly the best news from all of this, though, is that Cinemascores from audiences seeing the movie are scoring in at an A-.  That’s not bad at all.

We’ll be watching.