GeneralsJoes Reviews Discount Store “Running Change” Storm Shadow

I plowed through the first four of these figures pretty quickly, but the last two have kind of been in limbo due to availability (or lack thereof).  Big thanks to friend of the site Loc, who lent me his Storm Shadow so I was able to get this review done during my “Road to Retaliation” event!

I can’t believe the road is ending this week.

Check out the review on my 30th Anniversary page, or just take a peek at the direct link below.  One thing that became perfectly clear during the review of this figure…  I need a new vintage T’Ginzu!  Yellow-city.

One thought on “GeneralsJoes Reviews Discount Store “Running Change” Storm Shadow

  1. I wish I could find this figure!

    You might want to mention in the review that although the deco is not that close to the actual T’Gin-Zu figure from 1993, it is very close to the package/filecard art (which was closer to Ninja Force Storm Shadow’s deco, only in orange).

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