Exclusive G.I. Joe: Retaliation clip from MovieFone shows Duke’s harder side

Over at MovieFone we have another G.I. Joe: Retaliation clip featuring Duke!  Channing Tatum’s character has been somewhat elusive and the source of many questions over the past few months, so it’s interesting to see an entire clip focused purely on him.  There is some cool new footage scattered throughout, though.

EDIT: Some script problems were killing the MovieFone Clip.  Here’s a clip straight from Paramount International of the gun scene:

If you want to check out the MovieFone one, with additional Tatum-speak, hit MovieFone.com.

  • … how exactly did Tatum grow a personality in the three years since his wooden performance as Duke? That’s not supposed to be possible.

  • Video comes up private for me :(

  • fty

    That is a good thing, no? I dont him to die anymore.

  • fty

    I mean I dont want him to die anymore(Duke)

  • Dusty Ayers

    Me too!

  • Dusty Ayers

    I can’t believe it either but he has really grown as an actor.