Images added to Discount Store Duke and Cobra Trooper Reviews

A couple of folks had questions about certain elements of the two reviews I mentioned above, so I took a couple extra pictures to show case some things.  People were inquiring about the look of Breaker using Duke’s body, so I whipped something up really quickly.  I did the best I could without cutting off his belt.  I also did a comparison image with recent Cobra Troopers that folks had been asking for.

Check out the two reviews to see the images at the links below, or the images are also mirrored in this story:


2 thoughts on “Images added to Discount Store Duke and Cobra Trooper Reviews

  1. I really like the Breaker other than the fit of the helmet. Is Breaker’s head just that much bigger than the Dusty/Duke head? I like the all blue Cobra Trooper better than I thought. Thank you for the reviews and the pictures.

  2. Breaker’s head is positively huge–it’s the biggest head on any modern figure I’ve ever seen.

    You don’t need to cut the belt to remove it–just unscrew the legs and boil the torso in hot water, then slip it off.

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