GeneralsJoes Reviews the Discount Store exclusive “Running Change” Cobra Trooper

Moving full steam ahead on the discount store exclusive reviews!  I’ve already covered Snake Eyes, Duke, and Shipwreck… today we tackle the Cobra Trooper!  Is this a comic deco?  Cartoon deco?  A little of both?  Read the review to find out!

Check out my 3oth Anniversary Review Page, or click the direct link below to take a look.

5 thoughts on “GeneralsJoes Reviews the Discount Store exclusive “Running Change” Cobra Trooper

  1. Great review! Any chance you could put up a comparison picture with the original PoC version? I’d love to see how close the blues match each other…

  2. I didn’t realize you’d done a running-change Duke review until now. Thanks for pointing it out!

    Although I am a little disappointed that you mention a possible Breaker connection and then don’t show it. The addition of a mortar also makes Duke just about the most accurate Moondancer we’re ever going to get:

  3. I second that motion. Would love a comparison with all the blue Cobra troopers, to be honest.

  4. Well, Duke’s belt isn’t removable unless you cut it. If I was intent on customizing it, I’d cut the belt and do it, but I’m not going to chop up my only version of this figure for a custom for review purposes. Sorry, bud.

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