Twenty days left until G.I. Joe Retaliation and Reason #20 to look forward to it!

We’ve broken the top 20!  Yes, even on a Saturday, Twitziller is at the keyboard pumping these things out, and today he’s got control of a Cobra superweapon!


From the MASS Device to the Weather Dominator and everything in between, Cobra has always been all about the super weapon.  Some piece of futuristic technology that separates them from their peers and helps drive them towards world conquest.  For a film, obviously they want to stick closer to reality than some of the more outlandish animated series plots.  No Fatal Fluffies here.  The choice of a satellite that launches a space-bound weapon is truly inspired.  Obviously based heavily on the long-rumored Tungsten Rod Cannon, this is the type of “10 minutes in the future” technology that G.I. Joe and Cobra have been built around for the past thirty years, and is a great choice for Cobra’s weapon of mass destruction.

Using this powerful instrument, Cobra not only places a secret agent in the White House, but effectively brings the entire United Nations to their knees.  In other words, this is Cobra at their most sinister.  I love it.

Keep following Twitziller on Twitter for the latest updates, and GeneralsJoes is going to keep posting these, too.  The countdown is hurtling forwards and I for one cannot wait!

2 thoughts on “Twenty days left until G.I. Joe Retaliation and Reason #20 to look forward to it!

  1. Yeah, one of my rosy colored memories of the old cartoon was that episode where the ‘Joes had to put boosters on the Skystrikers to get up to that Cobra (well, not a satellite, I guess, but a…) space station.

    (I wonder why Dreadnoks were put there at my current age….)

    I can really buy into this weapon, the RoC nanomites were good, but….

  2. Dropping heavy metal rods from space and have them crater cities is very do-able, sadly.

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