Paramount unleashes G.I. Joe Retaliation character profile videos with NEW FOOTAGE!

Okay, my mind is officially blown.  Is it March 29th yet?!?

These character profiles are only 20 seconds long each, and they are KILLER.  Action-packed with new footage, gunplay, and what looks like some serious parkour action.  Wow.  Very quick cuts, but a lot of gunfight awesomeness packed into 60 seconds worth of footage here.  Check out the three character profiles for Duke, Flint, and Lady Jaye below, or at the Paramount International YouTube channel.

5 thoughts on “Paramount unleashes G.I. Joe Retaliation character profile videos with NEW FOOTAGE!

  1. Good to see more Flint, I feel like has been neglected a bit, especially going from a potential star of the Film, prior to the Rock’s invovlment. Despite not liking Tatum in the first one, these few seconds of Duke are more enjoyable than his last performance. Roadblock points out his cornyness, but he also seems portrayed a little more intense, and Tatum seems to actually be human instead of a cardboard cut out. I still hope he bites it, and i don’t think he is up for any awards, but i feel way less annoyed at him this time around.

  2. Well, not to bring up the age old debate, but…Flint looks like the better Joe. After seeing that Storm Shadow vignette and this Flint one, I’m not sure I can wait 3 more weeks.

  3. Yeah, it’s nice to see someone remembered he was even in this movie. I realize the studio is choosing to focus the trailers on the two big stars and the hot girl, but I think he’ll have a fairly big role in the actual movie. But where’s his beret? Granted it makes sense, since I don’t think anyone actually wears a beret in combat.

  4. I love that you can see Storm Shadow during that “Merry Christmas” line on Flint’s video. Definitely looks like he’s going to be coming over to the side he belongs on.

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