GeneralsJoes reviews Discount Store “Running Change” Duke

Continuing on with the “running change” versions of those exclusive figures that came out last year is Duke!  This Duke is a dark gray instead of the green that we got last year.  If I didn’t know better, I’d almost think they were going for a Sunbow version of Breaker homage.

Take a look for yourself and decide!  Hit up my 30th Anniversary Review Page, or go to the direct link below.

6 thoughts on “GeneralsJoes reviews Discount Store “Running Change” Duke

  1. Maybe I’m getting spoiled by your reviews and kick ass pics but I was slightly disappointed we didn’t get a shot of the Breaker custom head and gear swap you were talking about. Sure, not hard for us to do ourselves….but still, would of been nice. Great review otherwise.

  2. This figure makes a better update to Short Fuse than the 25th Anniversary one did.

  3. I did try, but it would require removing the belt. I was trying to pry it off, and it felt like it was going to rip, so I didn’t proceed any further. Someone who didn’t really care about the condition of the figure and bought it just for custom purposes would be able to do it easily, I just didn’t want to risk damaging it. I may try the “boil and remove” method this weekend. If it works, I’ll update with a pic.

  4. I like that green and black color scheme. This is probably the only running change that improved the figure. Maybe Shipwreck.

  5. You put this one’s web gear on the green one and voila, you’ve got it! Then you take the gray one and give him brown web gear from Crankcase or Night Watch Cobras and again, now you have a Sunbow Grunt. And lastly, you give the gray helmet to Crankcase (I also use the RoC 5-pack Footloose head) and bam, you’ve got a more ARAH accurate Crankcase. I cannot WAIT to find this gray Duke! He is the key to so man action figures’ destinies! :D

  6. I’ve removed this belt from more than one Zap figure… and broke one of the belts in the process; your caution is wise.

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