GeneralsJoes Reviews Discount Store “Running Change” Snake Eyes

I remember like it was yesterday… the frantic post-G.I. Joe: Retaliation meltdown where everyone was convinced G.I. Joe was dead, the Dollar General exclusives were getting recalled, truly Deth of teh line!11!  Here we are a little less than a year later with a good chunk of pretty cool product to look forward to.  Included in that product is the “running change” versions of the aforementioned Dollar General figures.  So far being spotted in places like Marshall’s and TJ Maxx, these figures promise to be a bit more available than the previous ones.

I was able to get my hands on Snake Eyes, and you can either check out the review on my 30th Anniversary Review Page or the direct link below.

4 thoughts on “GeneralsJoes Reviews Discount Store “Running Change” Snake Eyes

  1. No idea why, but I love this figure. The lack of accessories hurt for sure, but considering most of the 40+ Snake Eyes I bought before this one come with more accessories than I can arm him with its not that big of a deal. For some reason the colors really work for me. Considering the price I really hope Hasbro keeps bringing us more of these “Econo-figures” looking forward to getting this wave of repaints, hopefully I can score a few of the Cobra Trooper repaints for my comic Joes display.

  2. I like the base figure a lot, but the webgear just doesn’t work for me (which is a reversal of my usual stance). That swampy / army green clashes too much with the green of the figure (looks to be very Jungle Viper-ish) IMHO.

  3. Neat! I doubt I’ll run into ’em though. I hate slogging through TJ Maxx and then having to buy something there in the ONE line for the only register they have open.

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