Reminder: Sideshow Collectibles Snake Eyes w/ Timber IN STOCK

Just dropping a note to let Joe fans know that Sideshow Collectibles updated Snake Eyes w/ fully articulated Timber is in stock and shipping now from Sideshow Toys.  This figure is exceedingly well equipped and extremely detailed.  A damn sight different from the original Snake Eyes release from so long ago.  Timber is huge, too.

Click the image below to add the awesome ninja commando to your 12″ G.I. Joe squad right now!

One thought on “Reminder: Sideshow Collectibles Snake Eyes w/ Timber IN STOCK

  1. I went back and forth on this one. I had it preordered for a while, but ended up cancelling – I already have the original Sideshow Snake Eyes, and while it’s not perfect, I’m not sure this one is either (although I want that Timber).

    A few days after I cancelled the preorder, the Hot Toys Snake Eyes was announced, and now I’m going through the same thing all over again. THAT one….may be perfect (depending on how you feel about the movie outfit, I guess).

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