GeneralsJoes goes back in time and reviews pre-production City Strike Scarlett

First and foremost, big thanks to Glumby who so kindly gave me access to this very rare and highly sought after pre-production piece!  As we all know there isn’t enough G.I. Joe: Retaliation product for me to push forward on these daily reviews for the next 24 days, so I’m getting a little creative here.

Initially I had asked for the figure so I could do a comparison shot for my FSS Jinx review, but since I had it…  again, thanks to Glumby for the assist!

You can check out the review in my Pursuit of Cobra Review Page (in the “pre-production section) or at the direct link below:

10 thoughts on “GeneralsJoes goes back in time and reviews pre-production City Strike Scarlett

  1. That headsculpt is not real loss. It suffers from actor-likeness bored face. Even if she was written as a logic-over-emotions character, Rachel Nichols’ Scarlett had some big expressive moments and usually looked like she actively in thought.

    Normally I say movie accurate should be a priority, but with the Rise of cobra pallet as dull as it was, I would have preferred Hasbro taken a few more liberties with their main characters to bring their figures to life. City Strike Scarlett may be black and grey, but the grey pops. Compare this to reactor suit RoC Scarlett, even without accessories, the grey is what makes this Scarlett stand out as the superior figure.

  2. Justin, you have Joe Kre-o reviews to do. Right? Right.

    This figure looks amazing with Snake Eyes. I’m glad the accessories finally saw release with FSS Jinx at least.

  3. Oh yes, Kre-O reviews will be coming… those take a bit longer with the whole “assembly” and everything, but I plan on getting those in here, too!

  4. Too bad this never saw the light of day. Her mask in the artwork reminds me of Samus Aran’s helmet from Metroid.

  5. Only three stars? This is a much nicer figure than that. I really wish the club would have gone this route with a new headsculpt instead of that awful Jinx. So many of us want this figure. I still hope to get it at some point.

  6. Yeah, my bad. The review template has 3 stars, this should have been bumped up to 4. Taking care of that now.

  7. It’s a pity that we will never get our hands on the one head sculpt that doesn’t look like crap on this body; Jinx has some of the worst giraffe neck ever produced, and Resolute Scarlett is bastard ugly.

  8. One of my all time favorite figures, City Strike Scarlett will always stand proud in my Joe collection!

  9. With that sweet helmet this would make a nice Vanessa Warfield from M.A.S.K. ‘crossover’ figure.

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