GeneralsJoes reviews G.I. Joe: Retaliation Cobra Invasion Trooper

The Road to Retaliation marches on!  Single packs are all caught up, and with this review I’m now all caught up on the 3 Packs as well.  So, what comes next?  I guess I’ll leave that as a little surprise.

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6 thoughts on “GeneralsJoes reviews G.I. Joe: Retaliation Cobra Invasion Trooper

  1. Justin, I think you come across as a bit too harsh on this guy. He’s an excellent figure that can be built out to two distinct looks (ground and paratrooper), and for a lower per-figure price than the average Retaliation figure.

    And the red’s only an issue if you display him without some form of webgear, and who’s going to do that?

  2. Hmmm… I didn’t think I was harsh at all. I like the figure quite a bit. I even wrote: “But as I said, purely from a design and execution standpoint, this figure is fantastic. Intricate, almost flawless sculpting.”… that’s pretty positive. My only real detractions are that it’s a total repaint with nothing new, and the red is a bit of an odd choice (to me). I don’t think that’s overly harsh…

  3. I like this figure well enough, although, instead of red, I might have chosen an urban camo color scheme or Cobra blue, as Justin mentioned. Still, a great mold– one that I’d be inclined to buy in a variety of colors.

    I wish Hasbro would refrain from putting troop builders in the three-packs. I don’t go overboard with troop building; I usually get only 2 or 4 of any given troop, but I’m not going to buy multiple three-packs to satisfy my troop building quotas– especially when 2/3 of these packs are unique characters.

  4. I think the three-packs are Hasbro basically seeing a no-lose situation:

    – Kids who are into the named characters will see 2/3 that they like and buy the three-pack
    – Collectors will buy the three-pack no matter what, because, let’s face it, they’re collectors.

    I’d say that the Beachhead / Kamakura / Roadblock pack slipped through the cracks, but then Beachhead was damn close to an army builder.

  5. I really like this figure in this color scheme. Shame he’ll be so hard to troop build!

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