GeneralsJoes Reviews G.I. Joe: Retaliation “Tactical Ninja” Snake Eyes

As most of you hopefully remember, I got a chance to review two out of the three “Tactical Ninja” boxed set figures a few months ago.  Well, now that this set has finally hit retail, I was able to finally round off that three pack with Snake Eyes!

Snake Eyes is…well, sort of a conundrum.  He’s got a fantastic mix of different really great parts.  But when you bring all of those great parts together, the result isn’t especially captivating or cohesive.  You’ll have to check out my G.I. Joe: Retaliation Review page for the full details, or just click the link below.

As an added bonus, I also added some details to my Agent Mouse review now that the final version is out, there were some added pictures and information that I wanted to get into the review.  You can click that link below as well.

10 thoughts on “GeneralsJoes Reviews G.I. Joe: Retaliation “Tactical Ninja” Snake Eyes

  1. How are we to trust your opinion on a Miami Dolphins-themed figure? How? ;P

    Also — and I say this as a concerned reader — I think you’re reaching a little far when you feel the need to write, “a pair of years ago.” Just some constructive feedback.

    But, your reviews and photos are awesome and I always look forward to them. Sometimes I find myself admiring your pictures of figures that are sitting on my shelf 10 feet away.

  2. The sum of the excellent parts here don’t add up well. I ended up using the Snake Eyes web gear ans ninja weapons on the 3 pack Kamakura, and using the body as the base for a Flint custom.

  3. Do you think maybe originally the seafoam green webgear was a dye/plastic mixing error, but they went with it since the 4×4 jeep is mostly turquoise?

  4. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the web gear is essentially the same color scheme as the base figure for the Ninja Dojo Kamakura.

  5. I was excited for much of the Retaliation product, but having opened it, most of it is weak to me. One major exception? Mouse. He is seriously my favorite Retaliation figure.

  6. I put his gear on kamakura, it looks great and the gear does come off, its just is hard

  7. Yeah, this Snake Eyes has me laughin’. I know he’s parts, but we’ll see where they go when I sit down and mix some things for the eventual review. I’m thinkin’ Kamakura, but that might be a little too much “seafoam”, we’ll see. Mouse is most certainly the stand-out guy here, though! He is the first Joe in I think – well…ever – that I would have used as a stand-in for myself when I was a kid. Not that he looked anything like me, but he’s got that mild smirk that speaks to me as a cynical sarcastic jackass.

  8. I have a hunch that Snake Eyes’ web gear color was to have a unified color scheme throughout the set. Parts being molded/colored together and such.

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