GeneralsJoes Reviews the G.I. Joe: Retaliation Ninja Combat Cruiser

We’re still in vehicle mode at the review desk here at GeneralsJoes, but we’ve gone up in scale!  Graduating from the Bravo level Tread Ripper tank from yesterday, today we jump into the Delta class with the Ninja Combat Cruiser!  Or if you choose to burn all of the Arashikage symbols instead of applying them, I suppose it could just be the “Combat Cruiser”.

Check out my G.I. Joe: Retaliation review page for the full review, or just tap the link below.

15 thoughts on “GeneralsJoes Reviews the G.I. Joe: Retaliation Ninja Combat Cruiser

  1. With that color scheme I can’t help but think of a Battle Corps. Mudbuster. A bit quirky but still one of my favorite vehicles from that era. I can’t wait till find one myself, great review and thanks.

  2. I may pick that one up. I don’t have any of the PoC Vamps, and I really dig all the call backs to the Vamp ii.

  3. I really like this, but I think I’ll hold out for the inevitable Stinger redeco. Although I’m sure that will end up being some impossible to find store exclusive.

  4. Really enjoy your reviews! I have decided to purchase a few figures based solely upon them and have not been disappointed yet.
    Question-Does the vest from driver fit on other Joes? I want to use Clutch’s head with another figure and that Night Fox vest/web gear.

  5. Over at the JoeDeclassified forums, Werecat was able to whip the entire rollcage from the Retaliation VAMP onto a PoC version to give a Mark II upgrade. It seems the base vehicle is unchanged.

  6. It’s crazy the terrific head sculpts they keep giving these budget drivers! That head would look excellent as a modern SAS Force Stalker! Quite tempted to get this now!

  7. I like how Night Fox got ninja trained just so he could drive ninjas around.

    The doors being armored up with the windshield being completely wide open is really dumb looking.

  8. I’m not sure if I want to dedicate this space to this puppy. If I do get it there is no way all those arashikage symols are going all over it. Do those mean that the vehicle is actually a ninja as well?

  9. Don’t be too disappointed about the driver figure, as it’s essentially just a 5-POA version of the “Ultimate Duke” that we’ll be seeing later this year, right down to the headsculpt (albeit with a different vest):

    It gives me some hope that we’ll eventually see fully-articulated versions of the Clutch, Cobra Commander, Swamp Viper and other driver figures…

  10. Neat! I think this one may actually convince me even with the plain driver. I’ll have an extra Snake Eyes around for the head and vest, so that should do it. Otherwise, I’ve also got some extra Cobra symbol stickers around that may repurpose this badboy.

  11. It does match those Headhunters well, doesn’t it, huh!

    If it weren’t for the Eaglehawk down the pipeline, I’d get this. In some ways, I want to go back in time and return my 30th VAMP and get this one.

  12. I would speculate something like this is possible. Always seems for me that the best stuff comes later.

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