GeneralsJoes reviews G.I. Joe: Retaliation Lady Jaye

Continuing the Road to Retaliation!  I think most folks have figured out my review formula now, where I typically save the best for last.  That will likely tell you what I think about the Lady Jaye figure.  While some folks have complained about paint applications on her face, I haven’t seen any real evidence of problems on mine.  In fact, my Lady Jaye is all good.  Really good.

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17 thoughts on “GeneralsJoes reviews G.I. Joe: Retaliation Lady Jaye

  1. Maybe I just dont get movie figures. Joe Colton, Alley Viper and now Lady Jaye. These are all figures Im mad about wasting my money on. I set them next to me PoC/30th figures and they look like cheap, trashy knock offs. I know its been a while since we got new Joes, but I just dont get it. The paint job on Lady Jaye alone ruins the figure for me. Still looking forward to wave 3, even if waves 1, 2 and 2.5 are basically throw aways with one or two worthwhile figures IMO.

  2. There were actually three Lady Jayes hanging in my local Walmart (Lacey, WA) when I found her. One did have a very poor paint application, but the other two were good, and being a bastard I took the best of course. My sole complain is how the smaller backpack and the hair don’t get along, but honestly, that’s a minor quibble. Really like this figure, but I need to pick up another because the headsculpt looks great on the cartoon box set LJ body.

  3. I believe the backpack is a repaint of the DVD Pack Lady Jaye’s backpack… which I have always wanted… and yet I didn’t notice this repainted version in my Retaliation Lady Jaye’s package. (I haven’t opened mine yet).

    The paint job on mine appears to be better than yours, and yet I still hate the face; it looks nothing like the actress, and the lipstick looks stupid.

    I almost passed on this figure.

  4. PoC/30th series was probable Hasbro’s best line in my opinion. Nearly (not all) everything before and many after have seemed cheaper. But we still collect, because we’re fans.

  5. Found this one in Buffalo over the weekend, yay! It was left behind at a TRU… amusingly enough, right above a full peg of Renegades Scarlett figures.

    I didn’t have any issues with the paint, and the figure, as noted, was already quite good. The weapons assortment is outstanding, and those two newly painted rifles are beautiful.

    Yeah, it was annoying to see that the knives had nowhere to go (the Jungle Duke machete was particularly inexplicable, but then I might’ve felt that way since I’d just opened a couple of Alley Vipers), but that’s such a minor quibble.

    I think I wrote that if Renegades Scarlett had come with more accessories she’d have been 5 stars. Well, this is pretty much that wish checked off the list. She’ll look even better with the movie-accurate Roadblock, Duke and Flint.

  6. Geoff must live about 15 minutes away from me. Weird small world.

    man, Lady Jaye and Roadblock really make the current Flint look even more pathetic than it already did. Ultimate Flint can’t get released fast enough!

  7. Actually, I’m from Toronto – I was in town to pick my wife up from the airport and so I took FULL advantage by sweeping through the ‘burbs with military efficiency.

    I’d do a full sightings report, but there’s nothing really of interest to note other than there’s a good number of three-packs out there. I also grabbed a super-cheap Deluxe Captain America (the one with the parachute) and HYDRA trooper from a Marshall’s, but overall the Marshall’s / TJ Maxx stores were a disappointment.

  8. I’m not big on the face, but the figure and accessories are fantastic! I love the painted weapons. I wish I had a more varied collection of females so I could swap her head out and not have her look like someone else. Ah well, the headsculpt isn’t really a dealbreaker for me. One way or another she’s a great “here, have some weapons” figure that would be good for multiples if she only came with a helmeted head.

  9. Good review Justin although I think I’d be happier if she came with the back pack/javelins from the 2nd 5 pack

  10. Going by the screenshots/trailers from the film, that’s actually supposed to be desert MARPAT, not Multicam. Roadblock seems to favour the latter in the film, while Flint wears UCP trousers and a FROG top in the same pattern under his body armour in the desert ambush scene (which the first action figure seems to allude to with its green-grey/beige colouration), though his character poster shows him wearing Multicam trousers and a black T-shirt.

  11. I got a bunch of these figures from my brother today, & the paint on the face on my Lady Jaye is EXQUISITE! By far the best I have seen of any of the samples online.

  12. I’m not a big fan of the head as well. This fig more than makes up for it with the rest of the figure though.

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