Another day closer to G.I. Joe: Retaliation! Reason #32 why it will be great.

It’s been going on for 8 days straight, and there’s no break in sight.  Over on Twitter, the already immortal Twitziller brings us the latest entry in his “40 Reasons G.I. Joe: Retaliation will be great” campaign!  This time around, he puts the crosshairs on another vehicle from the G.I. Joe sequel…


This has been a piece of the G.I. Joe: Retaliation trailers that has been somewhat glossed over.  While a lot of folks are focusing on the HISS, Water Moccasin, and Ripsaw, a quietly powerful looking helicopter has been swooping over the skyline.  As Cobra Commander’s personal transport copter (or so it appears) this vehicle is simultaneously “real world” Little Bird and Skyhawk influenced.  I love how Twitziller is calling back to helicopters peppered throughout Cobra history.  He’s exactly right.  The FANG was of course a mainstay of the Cobra airforce, while the Mamba has seen new life in recent IDW comic books as Cobra’s main attack craft.  The Transport Copter is infamous throughout Marvel Comics as well.  On a day that comes about two weeks after Hasbro announced the release of the upcoming Eaglehawk, it seems quite apt to talk up the merits of rotor-based aircraft in connection to the upcoming film.

Check out Twitziller’s Twitter account for more updates, and keep watching GeneralsJoes as well.  Previous entries can be seen below.

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