Alexx on JoeBattleLines single-handedly convinces me that Kre-O are must owns

This is hilarious.  I’m a big fan of Alexx’s reviews over on JoeBattleLines, JoeSightings, and other places around the web, and he really nailed it with his recent reviews of the G.I. Joe Kre-O product.

He was able to get his hands on some recent offerings, and posted one huge mega review featuring Alley-Vipers, Rock n Roll, the VAMP and Serpent Armor playset, etc…  the result is an awesome plethora of great pictures and hilarious commentary.  For some reason these Kre-O guys suit his sense of humor perfectly.

Check out his full review on JoeBattleLines.

5 thoughts on “Alexx on JoeBattleLines single-handedly convinces me that Kre-O are must owns

  1. Hilarious review! I spent the past week chasing Kre-O sets down at local Toys R Us stores and have to say they’re totally worth it. I love the fact that the figures and sets are rockin’ the classic Joe designs. Mini RAM, Flight Pod, V.A.M.P., and F.A.N.G? Oh yeah. :) Here’s hoping the line goes national in the coming year.

  2. This is great! The Kre-O figures are infused with fun. The character specific details like flocked hair, a fudgee bar, and grape pop are a real indication that whoever is designing these not only knows GIJoe, but they know how to play it up to have just the right level of fun for this style of toy. I was dead set not to buy any but gave them a shot with Checkpoint Alpha. Homerun. As of now, I have all the playsets and just need 2 figures. I hope these go on for a while.

  3. Alexx is a hack!

    …who convinced me to buy the Adventure Team Kreo figure… in addition to the dozens of other toys he’s persuaded me to buy over the years.


  4. Thanks for the plug! Glad I could help people spend more money. And you’re right; somehow these guys really worked great with the comedy! And here I was afraid of the review ’cause I couldn’t think of anything off the top of my head. As usual, it all comes out when actually takin’ the pics.

  5. Yeah, that Alexx guy doesn’t even know what he’s doin’! Sadly he has always persruaded me to buy a lot of figures over the years. I also have to store them for him. He’s just so convincing! And hansom.

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