Discount “Dollar General” G.I. Joe figures available for pre-order online!

Well, this certainly comes as a surprise.  Online retailers Big Bad Toy Store and Entertainment Earth have both opened up pre-orders for the now legendary “Dollar General” G.I. Joe figures.  Based on the images shown, they appear to be the original decos and NOT the “running change” versions, but I’m thinking perhaps we shouldn’t take that as a guarantee.

Considering even the “running change” versions of these figures use the original figure on the package itself, I would not be at all surprised if that’s what is being offered here.  I would hesitate to recommend people pre-order these blindly, but it might just be worth taking a chance, I don’t know.  Check out the links below to stock up!

Entertainment Earth

Big Bad Toy Store

Keep in mind at BBTS, a few of the singles are already sold out, so going by the set may be your best bet.  Pretty inexpensive, too!  Check out my reviews for the original “Dollar General” G.I. Joe figures at the links below as well:

5 thoughts on “Discount “Dollar General” G.I. Joe figures available for pre-order online!

  1. Good to see these guys are becoming more readily available, but as an international fan it just leaves them almost just as out of reach what with the price effectively being double including shipping.

  2. I would love to know for sure which versions they’re getting, as a pre-order sounds so much more appealing than the daily stalking of my neighborhood T.J. Maxx on lunch breaks. The online retailers probably don’t even know what they’re getting yet, though.

  3. I ran the math yesterday and it’s not bad for shipment to Canada – about $50 for the case of six. Since we’d probably be paying $8 / figure including tax anyway, that works out well enough for me to buy.

  4. Yeah, I saw this and grabbed a set right away. Even the originals are impossible to find up here, so to me either set would be worth it.

    I like the second version of both the Commander and the Trooper less than the all-black decos (especially as I can do the Retaliation headswap with the blacks) but I’m eager to see what actually DOES show up.

  5. As an update, BBTS just dropped the price by three bucks to match Entertainment Earth (and since I’d gone with them to begin with because of the lower shipping, saved me three dollars instantly). Yay capitalism.

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