GeneralsJoes Reviews G.I. Joe: Retaliation Cobra Cyber Ninja

With every image I saw of this guy I grew less and less impressed with him.  A sub-standard rehash of the 25th Anniversary Wraith?  Yeah, no thanks.

Well, color me surprised, once I got the figure in hand.  The tooling works together a lot better than I initially suspected, the new head sculpt is great, and the paint deco is surprisingly effective.  The mixture of dark, thick paint wipes and bright blue piping makes a great impression in person.

Check out my full review on my G.I. Joe: Retaliation Review Page or via the link below.

21 thoughts on “GeneralsJoes Reviews G.I. Joe: Retaliation Cobra Cyber Ninja

  1. Screw the haters, this guy is badass!

    And I LOVE the subtle but effective paint work on the Firefly backpack.

    I hope I can find him!

  2. At trade shows, they had him in such stiff poses that I was sure he had compromised articulation. That’s a nice surprise finding out that they used those SS legs. Too bad they are too short for that torso. Maybe that’s why he looked so stiff to me.

  3. Nope. The Resolute Trooper had the square shoulder patch on the left side with the Cobra sigil sculpted into it. This torso, I believe, came on the MARS Troopers in addition to the Elite Viper.

  4. I thought this figure came with the 25th Wraith head with the flip up visor. Was that changed or am I imagining seeing that head on this figure in some pictures from Joecon?

  5. Exactly what Chris said below. The Resolute Trooper has a different torso. This Torso was on the MARS Troopers as well as most (if not all) of the Neo-Vipers, but since the arms belonged to the Elite-Viper I just lumped it all in with that one.

  6. They changed it. The initial plan was the Wraith head, but it is now this head. Same thing with the Alley-Viper. Previous images showed him with no webgear, but the final release has the Jungle Duke webgear.

  7. I love this guy! I hope I can find one, too. He’d make a great addition to my Plague team. Justin, I love what you did with the mini-dio in the review!

  8. VERY much looking forward to this one! I’ma have to overdrive the reviews if I wana make it to the new stuff by the time I find it…

    Anyway, they’ve made some changes to him along the way (from the prototypes ‘n such) and they’ve all been the PERFECT changes! Great helmet, and awesome choice of swords (as opposed to the ones they showed him with awhile ago). I think this guy is gona be a singular character for me.

  9. I like it comes with the Firefly pack since that opens and he can store those pistols and they’re integrating it with the gimmick. With that weapon layout It’s like two troopers in one.

  10. The upside-down stovepot for a helmet destroys any sense of character this guy could’ve had. Too bad because I do think a Tron ripoff was a good idea for a new G.I. Joe figure.

  11. Great dio, Justin. Admittedly that little action sequence may have pushed me over the edge on my opinion on this guy. I might just pick up a second one. :-)

  12. I really dig it. I’m gad they went with this head instead of the Wraith head. I see this as an experimental BAT prototype, loaded with information gathered from various Ninja strategies and techniques, incorporates Wraith’s stealth technology and is designed to be more agile than a standard BAT.

  13. I like it, I hope to have a small team of these if I can afford them. Basically use them like the Arsenal Tengu from MGS2, the Frogs from MGS4 and the mooks for Metal Gear Rising.

  14. Yes, awesome review! This guy rocks! My wife picked him up for me (as well as Joe Colton) for Valentine’s day :)
    Ever since the first time I saw this guy I pictured him using ‘light optics camo’, like in Ghost in the Shell , and Gray Fox in MGS.
    Love this figure.

  15. I don`t see anyone making the connection between this figure and renegades jinx, they both look a lot alike

  16. This fig was a huge sleeper hit for me. I had decided not to get him until I saw that he comes with Helix’s guns which are so darn cool. This figure is simply a lot of fun. He looks cool, his gear is cool, and his zipline works great and actually looks like something real world. This guy is a must buy.

  17. I totally thought “Renegades Jinx” when I saw the figure, especially when I read the little description on the back. The grey and blue are similar to her suit along with the whole invisibility angle.

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