G.I. Joe Collectors Club 2013 Incentive Iceberg figure revealed!

Well there’s a nice surprise for your Monday afternoon!

The G.I. Joe Collectors Club has revealed their 2013 Membership Incentive figure.  We already knew Iceberg was coming, but we hadn’t seen the actual figure yet.  Now we have!  The new head sculpt looks great, and could potentially work for a guy like Big Ben as well.

I believe the torso and fur collar is from Snow Serpent, with arms from the 30th Anniversary Airtight.  The Spirit legs are a great idea with that fuzzy cuff around the boots, though the figure looks a little bit top heavy.  Almost seems like he could have used a belt or something.

Probably the highlight of the figure, though, is the inclusion of many of the accessories only available with the canceled Rise of Cobra Arctic Duke.  He’s got the wrapped machine gun, the snowboard, and what looks like the backpack as well.  A pity they couldn’t find a way to get that elusive jacket included, too.  Perhaps somewhere down the line we’ll see that one.

Check out the figure over at GIJoeClub.com, and I’ve also mirrored him below.  If you want this figure, you must JOIN THE GIJOE CLUB by March 16th!!

7 thoughts on “G.I. Joe Collectors Club 2013 Incentive Iceberg figure revealed!

  1. I like it, but it could have been better. I would have been fine if they had just put this paint scheme on arctic Snake Eyes. I know the fur on the boots matches, but the upper legs don’t look like an arctic figure.
    Is the stand really gonna be white? Why can’t they just make all the stands match?

  2. I like the amount of gear the last two releases have come with. While Dial-Tone pretty much just came with his signature stuff, Footloose came with a bevy of cool gear, and it looks like Iceberg goes the same route. Those Spirit legs really look kinda terrible, though. My only real issue with this guy, however, is that I live in California, and will hardly ever get a chance to use him.

  3. Only the lower arms seem to be from Airtight. The uppers are clearly still the “traditional” ones for that torso, as seen on Arctic SE and the Snow Serpents.

  4. Someone on HissTank put up a photoshop picture with the rest of the jacket from Arctic Snake Eyes. It makes a huge difference. I wonder if the club thought about this at one time. The strap to his knife sheath kind of stops in the middle of nowhere, it would make more sense with the longer jacket on.

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