GeneralsJoes Reviews G.I. Joe: Retaliation Wave 2 Firefly

Continuing on the G.I. Joe: Retaliation review marathon, today I finish up my Wave 2 reviews with none other than the Cobra Saboteur, Firefly!  The only Firefly figure being released complete with Ray Stevenson’s noggin, he also comes complete with a florescent green jacket and semi-transparent arms!  Considering how much I love my 90’s Joes, this was a bonus, not a detraction.  ;)

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16 thoughts on “GeneralsJoes Reviews G.I. Joe: Retaliation Wave 2 Firefly

  1. I want that unmasked head sculpt. That’s about it. I’ll probably, unfortunately, buy the whole figure just for that.

  2. i definitely wanted to give this figure the benefit of the doubt. i love the head sculpt and i could even live with the weird tribal tattoo design motif on the motorcycle jacket. but reduced articulation and funky translucent arms for an action feature that doesn’t even work? inexcusable, man. also, thanks to his hands needing to hold those useless light up handles, he can’t hold his guns in any useful or reliable way, and his lack of wrist joints makes it even more futile. it’s a shame that this is our first and maybe only stevenson-headed firefly figure.

  3. I love the two head sculpts of this figure, but that’s about it. While his jacket does look nice, he seems permanently hunched over. I don’t like that. I will use his unmasked head on the upcoming “Ultimate” Firefly and his masked head for a custom, maybe repainted as Kamakura. I will probably buy this figure again just so I can have more of the awesome two head sculpts.

  4. Is Firefly here supposed to be the Cobra counterpart to G.I. Joe’s Battle Luge Guy from the old Spy Troops line from 2003?

  5. I’ve actually been pretty excited about this figure. I haven’t been able to find it in stores yet, but can’t wait to get it. I think it’s a great looking figure, and really dig the green and yellow. I think it will good in a Python Patrol or ’13 Convention set dio. Maybe I’m weird, but the reduced articulation doesn’t really matter that much to me. I think sometimes people get so caught up in that, that they overlook the good parts of a figure. I like your review, Justin – you’re critical of what’s wrong but don’t let that kill the figure entirely. My only complaint really is the lack of weapons. I mean, for a saboteur he doesn’t have much to sabotage with. What’s he gonna do, roll in on his little cart and pull out his pea-shooters??

  6. I think i’ll get the three pack instead even though there’s 2 figures I don’t care about to much.

  7. That crap is hideous and makes you look like an idiot who is trying to look tough. It’s pretty hot on a chick though….

  8. This is a really great figure. I love the look and the accessories. It’s great until you get to the articulation. This is another figure that really bums me out due to the lack of articulation. That stuff matters to me. If it was a crappy design then it wouldn’t be as big of an issue but here you have a great figure with serious limitations and it is a bummer.

  9. Another figure I’d have bought twice or thrice if not for the weak articulation; aesthetically, I am in love with the damn thing, but I hate trying to pose Joes with weak leg articulation.

    That said, Ed Speir’s figure’s arms lit up in his photo; maybe yours is messed up?

    Also, that sled would be great for a small scale Sigma Tunnel Rat custom.

  10. A few things I find interesting; first since we see one of each pistol with Firefly instead of two of the same is it safe to assume they’re gang molded like that? Could these pistols become “The” weapon of the line; the one given to a character to give them a gun? Finally lets look back to when this toy was supposed to be on shelves; if the delay hadn’t happened it would’ve been sharing space with the Prime powerizers who have a similar gimmick, that works just as poorly. I’ll definitely be picking this guy up when I see it.

  11. Sorry, Justin, I was mistaken; in Ed’s photo the figure’s not even connected to the sled. I must have been really struck by the light-up feature on the sled!

  12. You know, I bet if this figure were released with the joint at the waist instead of the torso and an o-ring, people would rave about how awesome the figure was. His articulation is really no different than a RAH figure.

  13. this is 2013, and i like my figures to reflect that. if this were an ARAH figure it would have been great…20 years ago. i could stomach his lack of wrist joints and ankle joints if 1) his action feature actually did anything, 2) he could hold his pistols in any convincing way, and 3) he could stand easily, or had included a stand.

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