Are you hunting Kre-O? This code breakdown should help!

A short while ago I posted a  breakdown of the unique codes on the back of the Kre-O blind bags to help folks who are looking for a specific figure concealed within those blind bags.  The code breakdown was courtesy of and should be very helpful to folks trying to find that fuzzy headed Joe Colton or Quick Kick with authentic FUGEE bar!

I’ve been seeing some folks out there who must have missed the post the first time around, so I’m getting it back out on the front page here.  Bookmark this one, boys and girls!  Check out the blind bag codes below:

  • 23401 75 Alley Viper
  • 23401 76 Cobra Ninja Viper
  • 23401 77 Cobra Trooper
  • 23401 78 Crimson Guard
  • 23401 79 Cobra Axe Ninja
  • 23401 80 Kim Arashikage (Jinx)
  • 23401 81 Kamakura
  • 23401 82 Quick Kick
  • 23401 83 Rock-N-Roll
  • 23401 84 Scarlett
  • 23401 85 Adventure Team Commander
  • 23401 86 Torpedo

Thanks again to Tron at for the intel.

One thought on “Are you hunting Kre-O? This code breakdown should help!

  1. Thanks Justin, I saw this somewhere awhile back but didn’t remember where. Now to find them… the local store had about half of the sets on the shelves but no “blind” single packs.

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