Updated G.I. Joe: Retaliation SuperPage posted

Okay, it’s late, and I’ve been at this for several hours…so I think this is pretty accurate, but I welcome any feedback and comments to the contrary.  Re-arranged the wave layouts to more accurately reflect what we now know.  Added the EagleHawk, and the new figures we saw today.  Lots and lots of pictures!

Not all of the pictures…for all of the pictures, you gotta roam over to the YoJoe Events Page and check out the hundreds and hundreds of images that have been uploaded there.  The SuperPage is just for a bit easier reference point.

Check out the latest SuperPage at the link below!

2 thoughts on “Updated G.I. Joe: Retaliation SuperPage posted

  1. Well, first off, great job Justin. Must be exhausting doing all this, but we sure do appreciate it!

    Second, I’m really happy I tracked down wave 1 last year. They kind of released a ton of stuff all at once now and at least it’s manageable because I already have the wave 1 stuff.

    Wave 3 is where it’s at for sure, I can’t really name a wave that was ever THIS awesome. The army builder in me went nuts over 30th wave 1 and 30th wave 4 was full of perfection, but twelve new figures in a case of twelve, and every single one of them is a killer figure? Wow! I’ve gone ahead and pre-ordered a few cases. It’s the absolute cant miss wave of the year.

    I also appreciate Hasbro giving us some breather room until the Eaglehawk hits, as I’d like to get a few of those as well.

    All in all I’m impressed. Wasn’t expecting much of a movie year and ill be walking away with several must own items by years end. Nice job Hasbro!

  2. I just realized that “Ultimate” Snake Eyes prototype is using those hands of DVD pack SE, so NO MULTI-JOINT wrists. Would be possible Hasbro would released this figures without modern wrists?

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