Some intel catch up on G.I. Joe: Retaliation wave assortments

When Hasbro revealed the information on “Wave 3” for G.I. Joe: Retaliation, there was quite a bit of confusion from those of us who were G.I. Joe fans in attendance.  I spoke to Derryl DePriest about it, and essentially the way things break down is this:

The current “Wave 3” that we are seeing at retail with Joe Colton, Lady Jaye, Alley-Viper, Dark Ninja, etc…  is considered a “filler” wave.  A Wave 2.5, if you will.  The full blown Wave 3 will be hitting in May and will consist of the following butt-load of figures:

  • Crimson Guard
  • Cobra Combat Ninja
  • “Ultimate” Movie Duke
  • “Ultimate” Movie Firefly
  • “Ultimate” Snake Eyes (Vintage inspired)
  • “Ultimate” Movie Flint
  • “Ultimate” Movie Roadblock
  • Budo
  • Storm Shadow (Sunbow inspired)
  • Cobra Commander (Sunbow inspired)
  • Kwinn
  • Data-Viper

There will also be a Wave 4 featuring Blind Master, Jinx, Night-Viper and I believe the movie accurate Red Ninja, and that will also have some carry-forwards from previous assortments.

More info as it comes, and the official press images should reveal even more.  Check out the images at the Events page, and coverage brought to you by Kokomo Toys!

6 thoughts on “Some intel catch up on G.I. Joe: Retaliation wave assortments

  1. Is Hasbro calling that Ultimate Snake Eyes “Sunbow inspired”? Seems to me it’s a perfect ’85 update, but not really cartoon, not unless they make him a dark gray-purple with black pouches and gear. That’s a repaint I would welcome, especially if they gave that Timber the true Sunbow paint apps.

  2. No, that was my interpretation, but you’re right, it’s much more “vintage” inspired than truly “Sunbow” inspired.

  3. I saw a text list from someone on twitter at the scene like yourself, and they listed a Kamakura in wave 4. I don’t want to name em, but they have been off before even when present, Was that just confusion with another character?

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