Hasbro press images reveal new images and details from Toy Fair 2013

Hasbro’s excellent PR firm has begun sending out the press material, and I’ve uploaded a large amount of it already to the YoJoe Photo events page!  The Press images include Budo without his helmet, Cobra Commander wearing his hood, and all of the Wave 2 Kre-On figures that weren’t in the showroom!

Also see the Arashikage Dojo and Ghoststriker fighter jet.  Check ’em out right here.

  • daremo

    I see a huge Last Samurai influence (or possibly Kurokawa Shinzo from the Tenchu Z video game) for Budo. Him and Ultimate SS are must haves for me.

  • Dreadnok Rocksteady

    Oh FRAG yeah! Here’s hoping we get a bunch of repaints with different helmets!