Charbroil’s head sculpt revealed on GIJoeCon Facebook page

Well, look at that!  You wouldn’t necessarily think so, but a slight change in hair color makes all the difference in the world.  It helps that this head has only been used with masked characters so far as well.

Yes, Charbroil uses the same head sculpt as the Rise of Cobra Aqua-Viper Officer and more recently as the Figure Subscription Service Dice, but with the red hair he looks like a totally different guy.  The G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club showed his unmasked head on their Facebook page.  It’s also mirrored below.

2 thoughts on “Charbroil’s head sculpt revealed on GIJoeCon Facebook page

  1. While I’m pleased to see that he’s less porky-looking than the original, that’s still a laughably inappropriate body for the character.

  2. I like the way he looks. This is the first convention set I’ve ever picked up, and while this guy is near the bottom of my list in terms of characters in this set, I’m still really pleased to be getting him in this iteration. I feel like the RoC Charbroil was OK, but he’s gonna become a Red Shadow for me now.

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