Toy Fair Coverage coming from YoJoe and GeneralsJoes!

Good morning!

Just wanted to be sure everyone was looped into coverage of the G.I. Joe portion of Toy Fair that’ll be coming your way this Saturday straight from New York City!  GeneralsJoes will be teaming up with to bring you the latest images and details from the Hasbro Fan Event.

I very strongly recommend following GeneralsJoes on Twitter as I will be Tweeting live from the presentation, providing real time intel from the fan event!  I will be posting the hundreds of images to the Events Gallery, will link them up here when they post, and will continue to do all the analysis and coverage that you expect.

As you might have  seen above, GeneralsJoes coverage of Toy Fair this year is sponsored in part by Kokomo Toys, the place to go for all of your vintage toy needs, and for all of the new and upcoming G.I. Joe, Marvel, Transformers, and all sorts of other modern toylines.

Check out, and make sure you keep it glued right here and at for the latest news straight from Toy Fair!

7 thoughts on “Toy Fair Coverage coming from YoJoe and GeneralsJoes!

  1. I wouldn’t expect to see much for post-Retaliation. Toy Fair usually covers the first half – 3/4 of the year, and that’s going to just be Retaliation stuff.

  2. I’m hoping for a few more “Ultimate” releases with waves 4 & 5. Do you think that the style of these figures might be hinting at the future like how ROC transitioned to POC?

  3. That would be a great direction in my opinion. Those “ultimate” figs look as good as the POC figs turned out to be.

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