Previews for IDW’s G.I. Joe ARAH #187 and Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow 21

It’s officially the end of the current G.I. Joe “era” at IDW, with Issue #21 of Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow retiring the current storylines and planning a new step forward in 2013.  Both of these issues hit your local comic shops on Wednesday, check out the previews below…  you may want to make sure you’re not eating when you read A Real American Hero, though…  someone’s face looks like a roast beef sandwich.  #ouch\

G.I. JOE: A Real American Hero #187

Larry Hama (w) • S L Gallant (a & c)

Things have gotten dangerous for G.I. JOE in Benzheen: the countdown for the activation of a nuclear warhead has begun and a rescue mission led by LT. FALCON struggles to rescue a team of captured G.I. JOE members. Can the team make it out of the blast radius in time? As the clock ticks down in Benzheen, JINX has been sent on a secret mission by DUKE and HAWK… where old enemies resurface once more!

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

*Variant cover:

Variant Larry Hama sketch cover!

Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow #21

Chuck Dixon (w) • Robert Atkins (a & c)

A “silent” issue in homage to the classic G.I. JOE #21. But this time it’s Storm Shadow in ninja action. He’s survived the massacre of the Arashikage clan and is seeking payback. But he needs to visit the Hard Master before he heads out on the road to vengeance and, possibly, his own destruction. It’s swords and shadows as an era comes to an end.

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

*Variant cover:

Alex Cal variant cover!

Bullet points:

  • Is this the end of Snake Eyes? IT MIGHT BE!


3 thoughts on “Previews for IDW’s G.I. Joe ARAH #187 and Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow 21

  1. “ARAH is my reason for living right now, lol. It blows away every other Joe comic IDW has done to date.”

    Got that right… like when it comes to Snake Eyes, Larry Hama knows how to write him. Dixon portals Snake Eyes as an uncaring cold person to everyone, including Scarlett, he barely shows any signs of concern, kindness or respect. Canon Snake Eyes under Hama has always shown far more personality, character depth, emotion and restraint since 1982. There’s a lot more to him than just being a inhuman Ninja killing machine.

    “homage to the classic G.I. JOE #21”

  2. Yeah I thought the same thing about the homage. And Chuck Dixon is great but he doesn’t know G.I. Joe, (by his own admission). All these other Joe books don’t even feel like G.I. Joe to me. Half the time the characters are unrecognizable, (I blame the fans for this as they asked IDW for a more realistic military book), and they don’t have the same personalities and quirks we all know and love.

    On the other hand, Larry Hama has picked up right where he left off in regards to the characters he helped create. And Shannon’s art is amazing in the way he recreates the classic looks for all the characters. You can instantly recognize everyone – even if they’re just in the background.

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