Continuing the Cobra Special Forces movement… billboards going up today

Again coming courtesy of Mysterious Stranger via Twitter… it looks like the Cobra Special Forces social media experiment is starting to take life in more ways than one.  In various locations around California, billboards are being unfurled, celebrating the Cobra Special Forces movement!

If you haven’t already, hit up and join up!

5 thoughts on “Continuing the Cobra Special Forces movement… billboards going up today

  1. Continuing from the earlier post, it’s good to see that they realised the COBRA symbol is a powerful bit of iconography (that was sadly missing from the first movie).

    It’s not Bat-Symbol prominent, but most people between 20 and 40 instantly know what it’s referencing.

  2. Geoff, my girlfriend is the one that noticed the unfurling billboard this morning. She recognized the Cobra logo and brought it to my attention. She’s not a Joe fan so having her notice this was a proud geek-out moment for me.

  3. Well, “wives / girlfriends of Joe site readers” are a generally well-informed lot.

    (Of course, my wife didn’t move to Canada until Joe was off the air, so she only knows who Cobra is from the shelf of Vipers)

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