Cobra Special Forces – Do you have what it takes?

We must be back on track for the G.I. Joe: Retaliation film, because suddenly and the Cobra Special Forces Facebook group have some content!  Included in this content is what appears to be a brand new recruiting video for the Cobra Special Forces.

Awesome!  We see many different scenes of these Cobra Troopers, in full G.I. Joe: Retaliation accurate uniforms…  I like it.  Check out the embedded video below, and looks like we should keep checking Cobra Special Forces on Facebook for the latest updates!  Thanks to Mysterious Stranger on Twitter for the info!

11 thoughts on “Cobra Special Forces – Do you have what it takes?

  1. The voice even sounds like Keith David, who provides the voiceovers for U.S. Navy recruitment ads. Not sure that it’s him, but the similarity can’t be a coincidence.

  2. This is a brilliant bit of parody. Even better than my idea of having Cobra Commander show up in a Super Bowl ad claiming to have replaced Obama, just to turn that into a meme amongst conspiracy nutjobs.

  3. Really nice video!!!! This can help reach more audience! I want to Hasbro make a figure of those cobra troopers. Im very positive about this movie!

  4. I certainly don’t remember it from any other clip, so I had to rewind a couple of times to get a better look at it.

  5. That’s the part I love most. It adds to the “authenticity” of it. The first time I saw this I thought it was just another military add until I started seeing Cobra troops.

  6. But don’t look for it to be labeled Cobra trooper, it’s some kind of ninja. Honestly i’ve already forgotten it’s given name, it’s clearly the movie trooper.

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