A full run down of Convention Exclusive images to date

As we prepare for registration today, I thought it would be helpful to capture all of the various images shown so far in one cohesive gallery.  I haven’t mirrored every single one of them, but considering we’re getting ready to plunk down some serious cash later on today, it might be beneficial to really see what we’re getting out there.

The G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club also posted some great group shots that I hadn’t talked about yet, which shows just how awesomely colorful this year’s set really is.  I’m loving it myself.  So here we have a break down, by set:

G.I. Joe: Nocturnal Fire (Night Force vs. Cobra Demolition Team)

While I’m still not a fan of the decisions the Club made regarding Hit & Run, I think by and large this set is really nice.  I love that they went with a different Cobra Mortal, and even with the skin-tight outfits Frag-Viper and Letal are really awesome, especially considering we may get those figures before we even get the tooling they used in the main line.

The SAW-Vipers are really cool, too, and I’m certain the colors will be a bit more muted in person as they almost always are.  Being the late 80’s/90’s freak that I am, I really love seeing this rainbow of colors throughout the convention set, and the chosen characters were done very well.

Adventure Team: Secret Mission to Dragon Island

This set is really growing on me as well.  As someone who collects 3 3/4″ almost exclusively, I’m really trying to hold myself back from jumping into this Adventure Team stuff, but the Collectors’ Club is making it very difficult.  From the awesome Henchman figure in 2010, right up through now, they’ve been really drawing from all mythologies and all pop culture and giving us some fantastic source material here.

The Adventure Team is slowly being drawn into the Real American Hero universe and I love it.  The secret spy/James Bond influences in this set are apparent, and the Club did a spectacular job with it.


What’s that?  A glow in the dark t-shirt with HIT AND FREAKING RUN on it?  Yeah.  SOLD.  Seriously, that artwork is awesome, and I’m psyched the Club is using it on a t-shirt.  The glow in the dark aspect is a great touch as well, and since it’s black and white, I can just pretend he’s got the face camouflage and a more classic look.  :)

The Adventure Team T-Shirt looks great, too, and I’m loving the hat.  All of this stuff will be available via online registration at some point (hopefully) today.  Be ready to make your choices!

2 thoughts on “A full run down of Convention Exclusive images to date

  1. Partswise it’s not too bad of a set (minus Letal/Frag Viper legs and Hit & Run torso), it’s the colors I’m not really fond of. I know the Club caters more to the ARAH collector so it’s understandable but I wish we could get past making every ARAH character in ME form. One of the reasons I stopped collecting was back in the 90’s was the colors. I think the whole nostolgia factor has worn off for me and now I just want cool figures in the POC style with an updated modern/slighty futuristic design. I never had the original figures for any of these guys, I guess that’s part of the reason I also don’t care for the set.

    The Club’s Hit & Run looks like it’s the vault version using Lifeline’s torso. Slap those lower arms onto that Retaliation 3 pack Firefly and you’ve got the right body. I have to wonder if the Club is getting the vault head too. It’s hard to tell.

  2. Not my bag right now, but viewing the set as a whole in pictures here, it really looks good. Viewing the small set from the whole perspective, I think the weakest figures are the “normal” Frag Viper and SAW viper, they just don’t feel like they belong with the rest, mostly color-wise.

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