G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club announces voice of Flint – Bill Ratner for JoeCon 2013!

So not only do we get Lady Jaye in attendance, but looks like Flint will be joining her in Indianapolis for the 2013 G.I. Joe Convention!  Bill Ratner voiced Flint back in the Sunbow animated series, and has gone on to do a wealth of other voice work and production work in entertainment over the past several years.

It will be quite exciting having both of these G.I. Joe legends join us in Indy this April.

If you want to hear more from Mr. Ratner, be sure to check out What’s on Joe Mind Episode 70 where we spent about an hour talking to him.  You can hit up the embedded player below as well.  Make sure you continue to check GIJoeCon.com for the latest and greatest JoeCon intel!

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GeneralsJoes reviews first two GIJCC Figure Subscription Service figures

We are two shipments deep into the Figure Subscription Service, and I’m finally getting some reviews in order.  It was a dead time for so long with G.I. Joe items and reviews that I’m going to have to get myself back into the swing of things here.

Between the FSS and the sudden appearances of G.I. Joe: Retaliation and MicroForce product, things might get a little bit busier ’round here.

The FSS Reviews will all be found in my Collectors’ Club review area, and I’ve also linked them below.  Pretty sure the first two are public knowledge by now, aren’t they?  It has been almost a month…

Sculptor showcases unpainted head sculpts from 2013 JoeCon figures

Depending on your perspective, Facebook can be a source of frustration and potential information leaks, but for others it’s a great interface directly with designers and a look behind the scenes of the action figure production process.  The Facebook page of 2DToys currently shows off a trio of unpainted head sculpts for the upcoming 2013 G.I. Joe Convention figures.  Those three heads are Repeater, Psyche Out, and Crimson Asp.  It’s amazing to see the level of detail here in such a small scale, and it provides a nice close up look of these before we actually get them in hand.

Check out the 2DToys Facebook page, and I’ve also mirrored the images below.