Final members of Cobra Demolition team revealed for 2013 Nocturnal Fire Con set

I think many of us were expecting the SAW Viper to be the last reveal, but the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club surprised us,showcasing the last two members of the Cobra Demolition Team!  Not just the SAW Viper trooper that will come three deep, but also the new Crimson Asp character.

Interestingly enough, “Crimson” Asp isn’t all that Crimson, but she is clearly aligned with Letal and the Frag-Vipers based on the uniform color and the nice grenade launcher she sports.  With a mixture of 25th Anniversary Baroness, Scarlett, and Resolute Scarlett (not to mention a new head sculpt) the Crimson Asp looks like a very interesting addition to the South American Cobra hierarchy.

Meanwhile the SAW Vipers heavily borrow from City Strike Destro and Iron Grenadier, using what appears to be the upper body, the arms, and the body armor.  The awesome thing about the body armor is they fill in the holes with knives (and sheaths) and a radio instead of the shoulder armor and gun rig.  Very nice touch.  The DTC helmet is a bit of a surprise (and it’s likely the unreleased Law & Order balaclava head sculpt underneath) and the color scheme is just a touch monotone,  but still a very cool combination.

The Cobras are plenty colorful, which is awesome in my eyes, and this set is shaping up VERY nicely.  Bring on Repeater, Spearhead, and HIT & FREAKING RUN.  Check out or the mirrored images below.

14 thoughts on “Final members of Cobra Demolition team revealed for 2013 Nocturnal Fire Con set

  1. So, we have a one-eyed Jean Grey, and a SAW Viper all geared up for the Pride Day Parade complete with his S&M gimp mask. Okay… Asp is at least okay, but really, another female with red hair? The SAW Viper is just laughably bad.

  2. I dig ’em. Aside from the head (which is easily fixed) I’m pretty happy that their parts choices for Saw Viper aren’t much different than what I’ve been putting together for my custom versions so if I were to ever get a hold of any of these, they wouldn’t stand out much when put with mine. Crimson Asp looks pretty cool too but I think they should have used something other than Crimson in her name. It’s just something that kinda bugs me when I see crimson used on something that isn’t actually crimson.

  3. Dude I almost choked when I read your post. That was great. I got the gimp vibe from the SAW Viper as well.

  4. At least this Asp is green and not blue like the original ASP. As long as her cuffs and collar match she can call herself Crimson in my book.

  5. Asp is the better figure IMO and the saw viper looks so bulky perhaps I will change my view when the figure is in my hand

  6. In a world in which machine gunners wear bright pink and purple, and their squaddies wear neon green spandex unitards with “Peter Pan” ankle boots, yes. Yes indeed. Gimp fits the bill quite nicely. ;)

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