debuts first look at 2013 G.I. Joe Convention Exclusives!

Well what do you know?

The brochure has just barely hit mailboxes, and we have our first look at the 2013 G.I. Joe Convention Exclusives.  And…well… wow.  So far, so friggen GOOD. has fired up their Convention Exclusives section and we now have a look at Cobra Mortal, Cobra Letal, and the Frag-Viper!  All I can say is hoooooly wow.  They NAILED that Frag-Viper.  Absolutely nailed it.  The most amazing thing that I can see is that apparently the Collectors’ Club is getting access to some state of the art tooling here!

Check out that Frag-Viper and Letal.  Eagle-eyed collectors will not that they use the body of the upcoming G.I. Joe: Retaliation Wave 4 “Ultimate” Snake Eyes!  The texture on the chest, and the body suit itself is a dead give away.  Wow…this is pretty unprecedented for the Club to have access to this tooling so quickly.  Kudos to them and to Hasbro for making this happen.

In another nice touch, while the Club is revisiting the Cobra Mortal character, they elected to go with the only recently revealed “White Mortal” an extremely rare collectible that makes for one heck of a nice homage.

Take a peek at these incredible images on, and I’ve mirrored them below as well.

Keep your eyes peeled here and at for more reveals throughout the week!

12 thoughts on “ debuts first look at 2013 G.I. Joe Convention Exclusives!

  1. Hmm. It was an odd choice using the upcoming Snake Eyes legs on the Frag-Viper and Letal—those tights would have probably looked better on the SAW Viper since their uniform consisted of tight-fitting boots and leggings, especially since the Frag-Viper had loose pants. I also question the choice at the continued use of the gray weapons, but especially on the Frag-Viper. Black would have been much better. Ah well, I just hope the SAW Viper is creative and looks close to his original version, and not based on that awful DTC one…

  2. I’m glad they went with the new deco over the “Classic Cobra Mortal” version. The classic figure is an ugly, mismatched, pos, in my opinion.

  3. I’m not really thrilled here and said so on toy nation. It is neat to see them get access to tooling so quickly, but this particularly tooling looks to super hero for my taste. Could it be that hasbro has already produced the figs for Wave 4 this early in advance ?

  4. I’m not much for these particular figures, but I like that they are incorporating International variants to keep it fresh. I never was a Frag Viper growing up so those never had a chance with me really. I like the Cobra Mortal though, and I’d like to see it from a better angle to get a look at the webgear.

  5. Is there any chance that the appearance of this tooling in the Club set is a bad indicator for future waves of Retaliation product, or am I just looking to borrow trouble? I’m not out to yell that the sky is falling or that anything is dying, but it is awfully unusual for the Club to get access to Hasbro’s tooling before Hasbro has brought it to stores, right? I certainly hope it isn’t the case.

  6. Good observation, but perhaps the Club got the chance to use this tooling because of the product delay?

  7. “Could it be that hasbro has already produced the figs for Wave 4 this early in advance ?”

    It’s not that far in “advance” now – I’d bet that Wave 4 would be on the shelves by June at the latest. I doubt they’re going to hold it off that long, especially with Iron Man being Hasbro’s only other major line this summer.

  8. I think it probably just means that Hasbro had no immediate plans for that body beyond the Snake-Eyes figure, which I’m sure was manufactured in plenty of time for the Club to have access to it for their set.

  9. I was actually hoping for a traditional Cobra Mortal, but this one is pretty cool. He just looks too much Like Cobra De Aco for my taste. I’m encouraged by the new tooling. Very possible that Hit and Run will be pretty much exactly what we saw at Joe Con. I’m trying to pinch some pennies together for this set, should the rest of the reveals be stellar. Letal and the Frag vipers are spot on, but I was never really sold on those guys. Still – it’s fun to get these reveals, for sure!

  10. I always wish that they’d split the set up into two individual Joe and Cobra versions (or good guys and bad guys), because while I don’t care a bit about these figures, I have a feeling that I’m going to be hunting down all of the Joes.

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