G.I. Joe Micro Force figures hitting retail now in blind-bagged form!

We haven’t heard much about the G.I. Joe Micro Force figures, but they are now rearing their tiny little itty bitty heads.  According to TheRealDubya on HissTank.com, he has found the Micro Force figures at a local Fred Meyer.  They clock in at $2.99 for a blind-bagged 2-pack.

Mirrored images are below, and you can see a gallery of the Micro Force figures from JoeCon at the bottom.  What do you think?  Any interest, or are you saving your cash for G.I. Joe: Retaliation stuff?

9 thoughts on “G.I. Joe Micro Force figures hitting retail now in blind-bagged form!

  1. Totally love these. At $2.99 they are an easy impulse buy….provided they can be found. If my comicshop gets them in I’d have no problem adding half a dozen to each weekly order. I can stash the better ones in my office at work :D

    They’re just fun and at a buck and a half a figure? No problem. Totally worth it!

  2. I am interested in buying a few of this first bunch. If I like them, then I will probably buy them all.

  3. yeah i think these will be fun to collect so will prob try to get them all. i’m not crazy about ALL of the retaliation figs, so this will be a nice way to still pick up something joe after i have all of the 3.75″ stuff i want.

  4. The micros seem self indulgent on Hasbro’s part; I don’t think kids will be clamoring for them. UNLESS, they find a way to tie them into a “Skylanders” style video game. Then Hasbro is SET.

  5. even Disney is releasing a skylanders style figure set and game. I think it may be the future of action figures, i’d agree that Hasbro should get on board, but then of course those figs would not be so cheap.

  6. Just got a few bags at a Smith’s Marketplace(the Rocky Mtn version of Fred Meyer, a division of Kroger). This week it’s buy-two-get-one-free. So I just got six of these guys for a buck a piece. There is a little hole near the bottom of the bag so you can kind of see some colors if you move the guy into place. Can give you some idea of what’s in there. For instance I saw Robin Egg Blue, and sure enough, it was a Steel Brigade.

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